SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Because seriously, I don't know where you guys come from. I live in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. So, you know. Long-ish cold winters, soggy springs, hot summer. It's doable.

But not this rain! This solid, gloomy, never-ending rain!

I need sunshine. I need warmth. I need sparkling dewdrops as opposed to ankle-slopping lakes that now drape the lawns. I need vitamin D!

That's where that SAD comes from, I think. Lack of vitamin D can be damaging to your health!

Poor, poor farmers. :-(

My creativity is on strike. I think my vitamin D intake filters directly to that outlet of my brain.

My question: If it's been raining for three solid weeks with maybe two and a half days of sunshine in between, HOW the HELL can there still be water left in the sky??? There has not been any evaporation happening!! Where is all this water coming from???

Tell me the answer. I do not understand.

Soggily yours,