September Long Weekend

Back up at the cabin one last time. In town, my mom participates in this "Supper Club", and all the husbands and sons went up for a fishing trip. So all the wives and daughters came up to our cabin! They didn't stay long and it was freezing cold, but still fun. My BFF Kensey was up, and we borrowed movies from our neighbor and watched em.

Girl Menu:
Greek salad
Chicken breast
Beet-leaf bun things

Guy Menu:

Yup, the above is true. Gossip, giggles, and low-fat cereal for the girls; farting, belching, and meat for the boys. My ideal weekend!



Yes, it's that time of year again. That's usually the intro for some Christmas thing, but not this time. It's the time when golden summer breezes metamorph into crisp autumn wind. The glowing green trees slowly subside to dripping red and gold leaves. And the doors of the school open, the warm air wafting inside while you numb your brain under the harsh flourescent lights. (Okay, so winds don't have colors, and school doesn't actually numb your brain. Whatever. It sounds cool-just don't think that school is bad. It's not. Plus, how are my poetic descriptions?) Anyhoo, you all know what I mean-new binders, new shoes, new pens. The time of year that summer ends. (hey, that could make a good poem!!!) MY school starts on August 25th this year. AUGH! AUGUST!!!!! (25TH!!!!!!) I mean, sure we get a break in February when all the rich people go to Mexico and the poor suckers like us wither away in front of the PS2. But what can you do in February besides go to Mexico? Pretty much nothing! What can you do in the summer besides snowboarding? Pretty much everything! This year in Feb, though, my family may be going to Table Mountain, which is a big, fake-snow covered hill that they plopped in some chairlifts and a concession and declared it a ski and snowboarding mountain. In truth, I like it there, especially since on our last school trip there I learned to parallel ski. So, back to the subject, school. I need to go to bed early tonite, say eight o'clockish, because my school doors open at 8:30 and I need to get there then in order to get a "good" desk (one with not much graffitti, has a binder shelf underneath and doesn't wobble.) Even though I'm pretty sure the desks in my seventh-grade classroom are fairly new, there's always a kid or two who's skilled at engraving initials in pen. Plus, you always wanna sit near your friends.


Home Again, Home Again

Well, we're back home. Home again, home again, jiggity jog. That's a little rhyme I think I picked up in an Abby Hayes book. But I don't get it. What's jigging or jogging got to do with being home again? But speaking of jogging, I did this morning. On my treadmill. (Maybe that's what it means...if you have a treadmill.) I finished a movie I started yesterday, Raise Your Voice. I like that one. I love Hilary Duff's hair in it. Shaggy, kinda. Layered. Treadmill stats...
Distance: 1.03 (I can't remember if it's miles or kilometres)
Time: 15:54
Calories Burnt: 104

Not bad, eh? It's nice to be home. We live in *******, Saskatchewan. It's a small town. The drive back from the cabin was long, though. And HOT! We spent the day in The City (what we call the big city close to here) and the thermometre thingie on our van was wonky, so it went from 28 to 39 to 47 to 54. (That's in degrees celsius.) But after a while, it fixed itself, so it when down to the real temperature: 41 Degrees Celsius. (For yall Americans, that's like 95 degrees farenheight).

So, the fact remains we are home. I love being in my room. One wall is a Hawaiian sunset mural, the rest are a shiny dark pink to match the soft shades of the sunset. My duvet is fake suede, sandy colored. And a computer! It doesn't work great, internet's real slow, and I have no space left, but oh well. So, yeah. We are home.


New Story

Yo, Bloggers...

So, you know how I had all those stories goin' on? Miriam's Isle, Clarabelle, Remedy, and Violet Star? Well, the other day I had a brainstorm for another story. It's about twins, a boy and girl, Maggie and Perry (I have to name my characters as soon as they pop into my head. But once you name something, you start getting attached to it. So I wrote a few paragraphs about them. One was exploring Egyptian tombs, the other was riding in a motorboat (similar to mine...hee hee). So, folks, whaddya think? Should I free Maggie and Perry from my head? Or should I store them away with Enzo, Miria, Katherine, and Zenabelle? The fate of the twins rests in YOUR hands! (But I will eventually write about Maggie and Perry. Someday.)


Hey, all. Today, me, Landon and Kloey were tubing at Rob. Bay, and my mom stopped to talk to a random guy about his wake sea-doo. So we jumped off, hunted rocks, and named them. I found a big one: creamy white on one side, mottled black on the other side. I christened the white side "Custard" and the black side "Scowl." Then I found a small, blackish gray rock, and named it Wilmadeenebuddiyamadoushki. (wil-ma-deen-bud-dy-yam-a-doosh-ski). I tried tubing home with Custard and Wilmadeenebuddiyamadoushki in my life jacket, but they slid out. I was holding Custard and Scowl in my hand, when we hit a wave a BLOOP! With slipping of fingers, a small splash and teeny scream (from me) Custard and Scowl were gone forever.
After that, Mom executed a power turn, and I frantically grabbed my dear Wilmadeenbudiyamadoushki and hit the water. I soon surfaced, Wilmadeenbudiyamadoushki clutched safely in my fist. Climbing back on the tube, I put her in my mouth so she would be safe. When I was safely on, the purple tow rope untangled from my legs, I slipped Wilmadeen down my wetsuit so she would be safe. She made it home and sits safely here. :)

the Ex

yesterday, we went to the Ex, short for Exhibition. It's a major thing in the summer, an amusement park. I haven't been there in about four years. And do you know what I found out? My sister Kloey has guts of steel. I have guts of Silly Putty. (Landon has guts of slush.) I cannot handle spinning. Which, as you probably know, eleminates about all the rides. I went on:
-the fun house
-the haunted house
-the other fun house
-the 1001 Nachts (the only "scary" ride I like.)
-the swings (in the air-I can handle a bit of spin)
-the games

So, yeah. I didn't exactly get my thirty bucks worth. But I got food, won a weird purple gecko with fluorescent yellow spots and a blue-and-green striped snake, and bought two pairs of earrings and a blue glass hedgehog. It's gonna be my lucky charm.
So, anyways, pretty sweet day. I also did a virtual reality roller coaster and bungee jumping trampoline.
Peace Out!

P.S. If you do not have Kloey-Klone guts, DO NOT go on the Tilt-a-Whirl.


Summer Journal

Well, the last of our company has left. Back to good ol' *hometown. It's gonna seem weird up here for a few days...like, three. Cause more guests are arriving on Thursday. At our cabin, we usually have guests like all summer long. And last night, I slept in my own bed for the first time in about a week. Jeezum. Places I have slept in the past week:
1) Mom and Dad's bed
2) Mattress in parent's room
3) various bunks in our "dorm" room
4) tent

Quite an assortment. Last night I babysat my own siblings, because Dad, Mom, Brittany, and Kersten all went to the Casino in NB. (My lips are sealed on what it stands for. It's a city.) No, we are not freaky poor gamblers, it was just for fun. I think Kersten made a hundred bucks and Dad made a couple hundred. My Auntie stayed at home, and at first I was little dismayed because I really wanted to babysit, not for fun stimulating family quality time, but cause I'm kinda broke. But Auntie swore that she wouldn't be there, I would do everything. And she stayed true to her word. If anyone asked her for something, she'd reply: "Ask the babysitter. I'm not here." Ha-ha.
We watched Take-Home Nanny, and holy @$%*&$! were the kids bratty. Wowee. I felt angelic next to them.
This morning, I was being bored and greasy in the mid-summer adolescent way, and randomly got up in the middle of What Not To Wear and went swimming. The water was chilly and icy, sapping the heat from my body pretty much as soon as I went past my knees. I went out chest-depth; and dove underneath. As always, it was horror/shock/ice block for the slightest second, when it became pleasantly cool. I lazily did the breast stroke, then the dolphin kick underwater, feeling peaceful but also a bit self-conscious of the three people I knew were in the boat watching me. I had seen them, they were neighbors that I really didn't like, but I was trying to overcome the annoyance I felt whenever I saw them. I swam around a bit, making sure I could touch. My mom doesn't like when I swim out over my head with no supervision, and with a good reason, because I don't want to drown when I haven't even made it to high school yet. So I practiced good safety habits and tried to swim in without touching my feet to the bottom, either sandy, mucky, weedy, or a combination. My least favorite combo is the weed/muck. Ew!
I paused to admire the water going out. It was so beautiful-I want to describe the color, but I don't think it's been invented yet. It was calm, with small rounded waves gently making smaller pools of color. I observed it through a painter's eyes (from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-Lena's artist's eyes) and saw gray, lots of gray-with periwinkle and light indigo. There were blue-gray clouds layered quite thick in the sky, which made the gorgeous assortment of colors. When I came in I felt cooler, calmer, cleaner. Refreshed.
Later, I went for a slalom ski, and I heard a strange hollow ringing sound: and I just realized what it reminded me of. When you lick your finger and rub it around the rim of a wine glass, like Gracie on Miss Congeniality. Kind of like that. Dad and Landon, who were driving and spotting, didn't know what I meant when I asked them about it, so maybe it was the spirit of Jackfish. *Cue scary music*
Landon also accomplished starting his wakeboard off the shore, which was awesome. I felt proud of him, how he can do anything sports the first or second time he tries, and a little jealous. I told him, and he pointed out how I can slalom while he can't. I just shrugged, but felt reassured. Is that sick, feeling reassured when I can do something he can't? Oh, well. He can do more sports, anyways.
The wind has come up now, so I'm glad we got some sports in.

This has been a long, poetic, journally entry. It was fun!

*Hometown: not willing to disclose location.