Dozens of flowers push and crowd
The sky holds but one fleecy cloud.
The sun beams down its stifling heat
Children run in tanned, bare feet.
The Earth then shifts, disturbing the peace
The languid days then have to cease
The golden wafts of summer breeze
The lush jade of the poplar leaves
Sweep to a crisp, autumn chill
Shed to gold against their will
The sweet scent of the wild rose
Is swept away to decompose
The springy green of summer grass
Is brittle brown, its’ heyday passed
The softness of the clear blue sky
Is dulled and darkened; clouds pass by
The trees, dripping red and gold
Are stately, gorgeous, high and bold
The crunch of fallen leaves below
Were green not many months ago
Scurrying of squirrels and rabbits
Go to sleep from winter habit
Summer’s pass is not depressing
For autumn months are such a blessing.



My parents are having a party tonight, with, like, thirty people coming. So all day today was clean, clean, cook, and clean. Actually, mom and I were the only chefs. I love cooking, or, in this case, whipping lemon jello mix and whipped cream till my arms fell off. Practically true.
So, my three younger sibs are going to Auntie's house. The boys will play PS2 and Kloey will watch TLC with Auntie. They'll eat junk all night. Sweet.
I promised Mr. and Mrs. Tan I would hang out in the basement and look after Olivia, their cute little one-year-old daughter. But once she falls asleep I'll join the TLC/PS2/junk food frenzy.
So, the house is as fresh as Lady Speedstick, the food is sitting under damp paper towels to stay fresh, and the rain just stopped! PARTAY TIME!!!

(actually, all adults do is gossip and drink beer. Olivia and I will partay in the basement of exile.)