Hey, all. Today, me, Landon and Kloey were tubing at Rob. Bay, and my mom stopped to talk to a random guy about his wake sea-doo. So we jumped off, hunted rocks, and named them. I found a big one: creamy white on one side, mottled black on the other side. I christened the white side "Custard" and the black side "Scowl." Then I found a small, blackish gray rock, and named it Wilmadeenebuddiyamadoushki. (wil-ma-deen-bud-dy-yam-a-doosh-ski). I tried tubing home with Custard and Wilmadeenebuddiyamadoushki in my life jacket, but they slid out. I was holding Custard and Scowl in my hand, when we hit a wave a BLOOP! With slipping of fingers, a small splash and teeny scream (from me) Custard and Scowl were gone forever.
After that, Mom executed a power turn, and I frantically grabbed my dear Wilmadeenbudiyamadoushki and hit the water. I soon surfaced, Wilmadeenbudiyamadoushki clutched safely in my fist. Climbing back on the tube, I put her in my mouth so she would be safe. When I was safely on, the purple tow rope untangled from my legs, I slipped Wilmadeen down my wetsuit so she would be safe. She made it home and sits safely here. :)


dibsy said...

What's tubing?

jckandy said...

Seriously????? You've never tubed??? Well, check out the video down below-Landon and Kersten's wicked tube wipeout. It's a blowup thing attached to a rope, hooked on to a boat, and then driving the boat. It's fun!!! And I know that post makes me sound dumb with naming the rocks, but I was playing along with my sibs.