Home Again, Home Again

Well, we're back home. Home again, home again, jiggity jog. That's a little rhyme I think I picked up in an Abby Hayes book. But I don't get it. What's jigging or jogging got to do with being home again? But speaking of jogging, I did this morning. On my treadmill. (Maybe that's what it means...if you have a treadmill.) I finished a movie I started yesterday, Raise Your Voice. I like that one. I love Hilary Duff's hair in it. Shaggy, kinda. Layered. Treadmill stats...
Distance: 1.03 (I can't remember if it's miles or kilometres)
Time: 15:54
Calories Burnt: 104

Not bad, eh? It's nice to be home. We live in *******, Saskatchewan. It's a small town. The drive back from the cabin was long, though. And HOT! We spent the day in The City (what we call the big city close to here) and the thermometre thingie on our van was wonky, so it went from 28 to 39 to 47 to 54. (That's in degrees celsius.) But after a while, it fixed itself, so it when down to the real temperature: 41 Degrees Celsius. (For yall Americans, that's like 95 degrees farenheight).

So, the fact remains we are home. I love being in my room. One wall is a Hawaiian sunset mural, the rest are a shiny dark pink to match the soft shades of the sunset. My duvet is fake suede, sandy colored. And a computer! It doesn't work great, internet's real slow, and I have no space left, but oh well. So, yeah. We are home.

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