Summer Storm

(Just a poem I wrote...enjoy!)

Like a hot, damp quilt
The air presses down
The oddly silent shoreline
Silencing even the birdcalls.
The pale blue sky
Fades of colour
The fluffy white puffs
Thicken and clot
The glittering turquoise jewel,
The sea,
Drains of brilliance-
Now a dull gray stone.
The clouds begin to weep
Their tears
Dimpling the stone
The clouds grow angry,
Gloomy gray
Turns to black
They furiously
Churn, swirl, then part
Jabbing a white-hot sword
Into the stone
The stone shatters
Into a thousand choppy waves
Who race for shore,
And crash onto the rocks,
Worn to salty foam.
The thunder
From the heavens
Scolds the lightning
In a rumbly roar
Throughout the inky
At last,
The sword splinters,
The thunder grows hoarse,
The last few waves
Wearily stumble
And trip onto the pebbles
The clouds sigh
And continue on
And the birds
Sing again.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Wicked awesome. You're a great poet, something I wish I could be, but every time I try to write a poem its always a boring quatrain brimming with your typical Dr. Suess rhymes.
But this? This is fantastic.

jckandy said...

Wow, thanks!!!