Barack Obama's Inauguration

I don't actually know if I am spelling 'inauguration' right, but the fact remains the same: this day, January 20th, 2009, is a historic day. So I figured I'd write a blog post.

For those of you totally out of the loop, Barack Obama is a black man who won the USA presidential election. He is the very first African-American guy to have done this. Today, he is being inaugurated (whatever that means.)
Okay, I'm pretty sure it just means he says a bunch of oaths and stuff, swears, (swear as in promise, NOT cuss, ha ha) and makes a 20 minute speech to all of the Americans (and the Canadians who are tuning in).
My Social Studies teacher, Miss Chopty, told us yesterday that today would be a historic day that we would all remember for the rest of our lives. She told us of some of the days she remembered, like when Elvis Presley died and the 9/11. What did I do on this special day?
I went to 'the city' (What we wimpy small towners call this big city nearest to us) for other people's appointments. We went to a grocery store (woot) Indigo (I got two books) and then Bonanza for lunch (we met up with some friends there.) After lunch we went to the dentist. Mom and Kloey and Carson all had to get fillings (suckahs) while I sat in the waiting room and watched the historic event unfold on live TV. Okay, actually that's a lie. I brought my laptop in and watched Mama Mia. But still, I saw a little bit of it, and I was in the same room that it was playing in, so probably the historic vibes like washed off the screen, filtered through the air and got absorbed into my very soul.
To be perfectly honest, the thing that stood out today was watching Mama Mia. I have the song "SOS" stuck in my head. So probably in about eighty years, my adorable granchildren will say, "G-ma, you were there when the first black man became president?"
And then I'll be all, "Totally."

With eager eyes and gaping mouths, they will ask, "Do you remember it?"
And into my head will pop, "So when you're near me, darling, can't you hear me, SOS!" I'll probably start singing in a cracky, thin Grandma voice, and they'll be all freaked out and won't know what song it is, and I'll have to explain Mama Mia was a musical that was popular before they were born. And they'll think, "Yeeg, what old-lady tastes."
Oh, fun. I can hardly wait.

For real, though, I did actually track down part of his speech (it was 6 mins, 30 seconds, which wasn't the real speech, but I thought it was long enough, frankly) and watched it. He's pretty good looking....aaaaaaaaarrrgh! Kidding. e's old. I know 47 isn't actually that old, but to a twelve-year-old, that's like, ancient.
My teacher, the Derbster, was one day saying, "Guys, thirty really isn't that old!" No offense, Mr. D, but I think your thoughts get turned around when you lose your hair. I think someone might have said something like that out loud, actually, but he takes it good. He's a cool guy.
Anyways, Obama's speech was pretty intriguing and uplifting and all that, but I couldn't help thinking, "But dude, this doesn't actually apply to me." Part of my mind (the part that listens during class) was saying, "Yeah, but doesn't the USA affect everyone?" I guess it applies to me in the media kind of way. But I don't like the US because they cancelled Moonlight, a CBC show that was AMAZING and never even completed one season, dangit. I miss that show. I love my on-screen vampires, and since Twilight isn't out on DVD yet, Mick St. John was the best I could do.
I do actually think Obama will be a good prez, because in his speech, although he is promising to "bring change to America," he wasn't all promising, like, Candyland and ponies tomorrow. He said, "It will take more than months and years to accomplish this, but America is a great country, and I know we can do it." Something along those lines. My dad told me a direct quote of Obama's, but I can't remember it, so I'll put down a direct quote of my Social teacher instead:
"Forty years ago, we could not walk through the same door as a black man. Tomorrow, a black man is about to become the most powerful man in the world."
That's pretty inspiring and sweet, you know. I mean, forty or fifty years? We've gone from not serving black people in restaurants to voting and cheering for a black man to become president? That's amazing. I will put here, I am so not one of those people who don't like 'colored' people. I do not pin prejudice on anyone because of race. It can be a little difficult where I live, not with African-Americans but with Native Americans. But that's off topic.
I think what I was saying before, was that Obama will be a great president because he not only dreams big but is also realistic. Because he wants to achieve the goals but isn't expecting it to happen overnight. Which is correct. It sure as heck isn't. But if they work hard, they can pull it off. Happy America=Happy rest of the world. That's slightly pathetic, but still true. Oh, well. You go, Barack Obama. Good luck with your saving everyone.

(Look at the patriotic post colors.)

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Lexi said...

Nice+funny+thoughtful post.
Thank you for commenting on my blog... and I'm not telling you where I live! :)

But seriously, ABBA rocks. They will NEVER be categorized as grandma-ish.