Writing-- Thick and Thin


Yes, I am a writer. Yes, I have set a Miriam's Isle shedule. Yes, I now have a slick personal laptop and Microsoft Word 2007.

Am I writing? Nooooooooooooo.

Listen, I know that so many of you are writers, too! Any of you have tips on how to write lots, and keep it up?! I used to call this writer's block, but it's sinking in more and more often! I'm worried that it will slowly dissolve into my system PERMANENTLY!!!

Tips from the top of your head. Writing shedules, beating writer's block, setting the mood (?) I dunno. I just know that I really want some tips from actual people. I tried google, but it was getting to "technical," and you could pretty much tell it wasn't true-blue writers writing the articles.

Please, please, please, help me.


Lisa Schroeder said...


The hardest part for me is often just opening the document. I fear that I won't be able to do my ideas justice. So, when I really want to make sure I open it and work, I tell myself I must write 100 words a day, no matter what.

I realize 100 words is nothing. But it a) makes me open the document EVERY DAY and b) if I go over that, which I usually do, I feel like I really accomplished something.

We have to give ourselves permission to write a crappy first draft. Know that it won't be perfect and wonderful in that first draft. And it's okay. That's what revision is for.

Finally, if I'm struggling, that usually means I don't know where the story is going. Take some time to free write in a notebook or on notecards about the characters or plot points - try to get a better handle on what happens in the story.

Good luck!

jckandy said...

Hmm... thanks, Lisa! That's a good idea. And true, 100 words isn't really oodles and oodles, but I guess it can get the ideas flowing and you may be compelled to write more! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Music is definately a wonderful mood setter whether it's classical whatnot, Fall Out Boy, or a little Cascada. I find it's wise to listen to the swing of the words and picture just how you'd like to portray your scenes in your readers' minds; view it in your head like a movie.

Afterwards, armed with a laptop or pencil and paper reply the movie, put yourself inside it and describe things as they happen. Great for getting the words nearly perfect the first time.

Furthermore, try this:

Take a notebook with you into bed and a pen. Start writing. FAST. Really fast. Anything your instinct tells you sucks should be crossed out IMMEDIATELY. Don't look back at anything. Write like lightening! Cross out, circle, scribble, underline, and draw random arrows pionting to stuff!!!

Seriously, do it. It's so fun and I've written my BEST material that way.

Lastly, it's just a matter of kicking yourself to do it. If you have to kick yourself that hard, it's not writers block, maybe you just not ready to be a writer quite yet.

Not that such would your case! We kids have got reputations to maintain in the writing world. Some adults who know we are better than them because they suck so much try to belittle us...BUT WE CAN CRUSH THEIR SPIRITS!


Anonymous said...

Oh hobgoblins...
how long.