I spent Sunday sitting on a bus/ sitting in a hockey rink.


Today was my brother Landon's Provincials. They were hosted in a town called Biggar. It was pretty funny, if you're my dad, because the town name automatically provides a great potential for stupid puns. My father is amazing at puns. It may not be much of a talent (no offense, Dad) but he is good at it. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I cringe (or cry.) Sometimes I pretend to laugh. And sometimes I have to pretend NOT to laugh. Oh, dad, you're just too punny for words.
But anyways (the sign, by the way, has a pun. It says, "New York is big, but this is Biggar!") we left at about nine-thirty, loaded up in the suburban, and drove to the hockey rink. We then loaded up onto this bus which he usually rent for field trips. I had my laptop bag stuffed with movies, books, and of course my charged laptop and power cord. So, we rode on the bus for about THREE LONG HOURS and finally made it. Then we sat around for a while until the game. When the game started, I actually went out and watched, which was weird. No offense, any hockey playas, but I really don't like watching hockey. But I did watch the entire first period, and sort of enjoyed it. I mean, the hockey was pretty good, our team was playing good. I was just tired because of two late nights in a row and had a headache, which automatically sucks the fun out of anything, and because it's COLD. But whatever-- I watched hockey, and I didn't die. I'm so proud of me.
I didn't really intently watch the next two periods, because I was inside the blessed, blessed warmth, reading. Landon did get an assist. We won, 11-2. BAM! We totally kicked their butts. It was awesome.
The ride back seemed three times as long, especially when my laptop died (not a malfunction, just batteries) and it grew too dark to read and my reading light stuttered unexplicably until it went out. I had to resort to switching my iPod onto "Backlight Always On" and moving it down the page as I finished "On Thin Ice," by Jamie Bastedo and than continued "This Lullaby" by Sarah Dessen (two very good books, if you guys need something to read.) I really like "On Thin Ice" because its not like most teenage novels, a swoony romance. It has nothing to do with love at all. Well, not like kissy-couple love. It's about a girl in a teeny Arctic town and polar bears and stuff. I read the back, and was a bit skeptical, but after the book I loved it. I've taken it out of my town library about four or five times.

So, my Saturday was a snowmobile course all day and Sunday was hockey. It wasn't the greatest weekend, but

  1. I got my snowmobiling certificate
  2. Our team won the game

Saturday night I did hang out with a few girlfriends. We watched 1 1/2 movies. We ate like two bags of popcorn, one bag of jellybeans, one bottle of Lime Crush and one bottle of Grape Crush. (By the way, the two mixed together taste really good.)
So, that was my great/not so great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Well, your week-end was certianly much better than mine despite the fact that I did cheer up after my exceptionally sucky day, but I suppose i'm doing better...a little stressed due to much homework, but I'll survive.

I'm now really looking forward to reading On Thin Ice! Based on your wicked awesome booklist I most definately trust your taste. When you finish This Lullaby let me know how wonderful it was and it'll be out of the library quick as lightnining.

I'm sorry for the sucky pionts of your week-end, but it's better to concentrate on the positives. I, for one thing, have always wanted to check out a hockey game. Sports just bring people together.


jckandy said...

"This Lullaby" was really good! Not exactly age appropriate for me, but I never read age appropriate books anyways. I'm currently rereading a library book called "faded Denim" about a Christian anorexic chick. It's really good too.
And I'm sorry about your sucky weekend. I didn't enjoy last week too much either. Maybe it's just cuz that was the last week of January, and we were all bored. Finally it's February-- the weather isn't much better, but at least its slightly closer to spring.