Utter Worthlessness

I love been utterly worthless.

Well, not really. And actually, if you've seen my mom's bills, I am far from worthless, what with my knee braces, orthotics, glasses, contacts, and AIDs.

Just kidding. I don't have contacts.

Today I am acting utterly worthless. I camped out in a city, sleeping in close quarters with FIVE other people, and having to play ball at eight o'clock in the morning. (And we had to warm up at SEVEN THIRTY.) I had a pretty good weekend of softball: I only struck out once, lots of singles, a few doubles. For those of you nitwits that don't get ball talk, striking out is bad. Singles is hitting the ball and running to first base. Doubles is going to second base.

And oh, I got two walks. I hate walks. I really really DESPISE walks. Walks is when the pitcher sucks and throws four balls (heh heh sorry but it means unsuitable to swing at) and they give you a freebie to first base. As I mentioned, I DETEST walks. It's like getting away with doing nothing. You didn't EARN anything. I prefer to hammer my way around the field, kicking up red shale and sliding into second and taking out the second baseman's legs so that they fall on top of you and whine for the rest of the game. (True story. Just yesterday. It was fun.) But anyways, we won. The tournament, I mean. It would seem a bigger deal if we didn't win three tournaments and Provincials last year. The last time my team didn't win a tournament was last April. And we placed second.

Wowzahs, we're spoiled.

So, today, I am being utterly worthless. I am vegging and reading and writing in my journal and blogging and procrastinating delivering papers because my muscles are sore. Also I'm lazy.

Tomorrow I'm going to the city for (get this) a BALL game, but it's my sister's. I'm gonna get my fish and also repair/purchase my/a old iPod/new iPod. That was a very convoluted sentence, as well. But it's true.

The only production of today was a drawing I made with my seldom-used pastels.

Abstract Eyes of Many Colors.

So, this was new. I don't generally abstract around too often, but it was fun. Less limits, less rules. I like eyes and art. I think they go good together, because so much be seen in eyes. Expressions and souls and emotions, and eyes are also the windows which we see things from.

Oh, and by the way, I seem to be The Last Human on Earth without Facebook. Am I missing anything?


Lexi said...

you are missing nothing by not having Facebook.

i have one: IT IS A WASTE OF TIME.

i like the art, keep posting it!!!!!!!!

also, i think that being worthless once in a while is good. it makes you want to DO STUFF the next day. :)

jckandy said...

Yeah. Cuz later that day, I felt kinda restless, so I actually accomplished some things later. Eeg.

Anonymous said...

"Well, not really. And actually, if you've seen my mom's bills, I am far from worthless, what with my knee braces, orthotics, glasses, contacts, and AIDs.

Just kidding. I don't have contacts."

Some good halarious shizz.
Cool post, too, though why do you despise walks?! I love walking, definately better than running at least.

PS Wicked amazing pastel skillage, which, in translation, is me failing at gangsta talk for, "Nice artwork."

Anonymous said...


Facebook sucks! It's confusing and pointless and only exists to make people with boring lives feel better about themselves! Waste of time, seriously! I deleted my account!

Dibsy said...

YO! I know this is entirely off-topic, and I'm not sure if you remember her, but KELS KELS (wannabewriter) IS ALIVE!!! -dances in joy- Her parents caught her blogging so she couldn't go on. ^^"

jckandy said...


How did you find this out? Did you cyber-stalk her? Why? How?
My congratulations. Is she back blogging? Yaaay!