There once was an ant named Balu

Who constructed his anthill with glue

The sand wouldn't stay

With glue, though, it may

It was all that he knew how to do.

There once was a bird named Eli

Who thought he forgot how to fly

He fell from a tree

To escape from a bee

And remembered before he could die.

There once was a sailing chipmunk

Who was, simply, in a word, punk

He set to the seas

In a violent breeze

And before he did know it he sunk.

I love writing limericks. They're an irish poem with a lilting, fun kind of rhythm. They're usually nonsensical. It seems difficult to think of something at first, but just throw something stupid out, because they're really short. They're pretty easy to get into. I like them a lot.

This isn't about limericks, but today at school we went to see an art show. The artist had an array of highly detailed, realistically colored roadkill.

It was possibly the most WEIRDEST thing I've ever seen.

The guide person was all, like, "How do you feel when you look at this? What do you think the artist meant to show through these paintings?"

What did he want to show? Maybe the traffic's heavy between Edmonton and Winnipeg.

I guess it takes all types to make the world go 'round.

The Exquisite Charms of David Garneau.


Lexi said...

eh heh. it's BEAUTIFUL, i tell you! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

The artist must be trying to tell everyone that roadkill is the best. that has to be it.

Anonymous said...

On a rather serious note: I assume the artist is attempting to portray the tragedy our new world had upon wild life, how we create new dangers for animals.

On a more realistic note: I agree, Lex, road kill is the shizz.

Haha, jckandy I love your third limerick about the bird named Eli! Ahaaa...good shizz mah friend. I'm particularily dreadful at writing limericks, to be truthful. They are never funny and always end up being about bedraggled lemeurs. 0.0

Anonymous said...


On another note, your profile is completely mistaken. Leprechauns are in kahoots with the gremlins and will only bring misfortune to your novel!


jckandy said...

I sit in stunned disbelief.

Cuz those darned leprechauns have stolen my tongue, so I shall be doomed to type on blogger for eternity.

Jehsyka, I send my deepest regrets on not taking your sensible advice about the leprechauns.