The Sims 2

I know you people all are the solid, literary types, but I will admit it: there's a computer geek inside me. I love stuff to do with computers, and programs like Pivot and Scratch. My most favorite computer game, of course, is the Sims 2. I have (begged, boughten, and borrowed) every expansion pack they've released. And now it seems a tad wasteful, considering the Sims 3 just came out. I'm making a trip to the city tomorrow, so I'll pick it up then.
Anyways, I had been considering making a website about the Sims 2. There are a lot of websites out there to do with the Sims 2, mostly downloading custom content. You can download new hairstyles and objects and stuff. I know how to make that kind of thing, reasonably (I mainly just work with colors and stuff, I don't actually understand how to craft a new hairstyle), but I was thinking more along the lines of tutorials, walkthroughs, and tips. It would probably just get lost out there in Cyberspace, but it would look good on my resume if it was a good website. And besides, it would be writing practice.
I was thinking of putting up a Questions section, if I can, and I can just address people's comments and concerns. The stuff I was thinking was:
  • All the cheats I know and what you can do with them. I am the Master of Cheats.
  • Tutorials on house building and possibly some Lots downloads (building homes and community places that people can download.)
  • Landscaping. Too many Sims people have flat yards. I have experimented with mountains, waterfalls, and waterslides. Other people should have such interesting yards.
  • Walkthroughs on how to make Supernaturals--that's what I call them. With ever expansion installed, you can make: Zombies, Plantsims, Werewolves, Vampires, Robots, and Witches.
  • Videos, perhaps?

So, lots of stuff. My dad said if he has time, he'll show me how to make a site. He experimented with them for a while when he crafted a page for his comedy duo. For now, I'm just thinking of the perfect name and begining some of the writing. I want a name with the word "sim" in it. Any suggestions? I would create a logo thinger for myself on Paint.NET. I would feel professional with a logo. I was thinking something like Jim Dandy, but with the "J" crossed out and replaced with an "S". Sim Dandy. Is that lame? I also came up with SIMphony. But when you write it out, it looks like Sim Phony. And that ain't cool. There's a simmer out there with the site name Parsiminous, which I think is sweet.

Sorry if I kinda lost you non-sim-addicts back in the, I don't know, second sentence? Don't worry about it. I just wanted to say that, and also get your feedback on my idea and name ideas. Thanks Yo!


susie said...

Hi, I really like simphony, you could call it simfony (or simfoni) so the word "phony" is not part of it. Also you could call it The SIMple Life or use the word "simple" in some way, and you could exaggerate the SIM part when you do your logo, if you use letters in your logo, like make the s-i-m a different color. Simply Sims? I bet that is taken. Anyway, it's not subtle enough, I don't think.

Anonymous said...

Is THAT why they're called the sims? Because it's short for SIMple?

Lexi said...

ARe they called SIMs because they are simulated? Hm. I don't know. And really, I guess I have never expressed my love for video games. I have a gameboy pocket and a (by now antiquated) DS and a gamecube. Also a Nintendo 64. GO NINTENTDO!!!!

I am a nintendo FANGIRL!!!

oh-- you should call your website SIMply Awesome. Actually, that is not a cool name. i am not good at making up names.

forever.yours said...

i can't really help you with this one... i'm not much of a sim-er, but I'll let you know if I can come up with anything =]

jckandy said...

Actually, I read in a bathroom reader that the goal of The Sims is to SIMulate life. So you were close, Lexi. And Jehsyka...it's true. It's kinda simple.

Anonymous said...

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