I'm going clubbin' tonight.

From seven until ten is my first HIGH SCHOOL DANCE. Different from the gimpy wannabes of elementary (no offense), there is to be a social involved. With cards. And cookies. And such. Plus they drag down the Coffins and have lights and an actual music system.

Today at lunch I bought tickets. I handed Kyra the money and forgot to take the ticket, so I had to come back and get it. Later.

I'm typing extremely carefully due to the layers of fresh, glistening cheap navy polish on my nails. No, I'm not a girlygirly who spends nine hours fixing herself. But I do enjoy primping myself up before big events. It goes like this.

  • Pick an outfit

  • Pick another outfit

  • Carefully glue each individual curl into perfection

  • Put on foundation

  • Put on too much eyeshadow.

  • Take it off.

  • Do it again.

  • And again.

  • Then do it right.

  • Line one eye

  • And fix it

  • Again

  • And again

  • Then the other eye

  • Miss

  • And repeat.

  • Slather lips with beloved CHAPSTICK because gloss comes off

  • Put on too much perfume and be embarrassed all night.

Ha ha. Kidding.

I did use hair gel and stuff, but I have good aim. Ha.

In drama practice today, we actually used a "stage". I have my lines memorized from pages 5-16. Mostly.

Tomorrow I have an orthodontist appointment, but I have to be back in town by 3:15 because we have an SRC meeting. I'm the grade 8B Room Rep, along with three others.

Thursday is Band, I think.

And Friday is Free Hug Day, brought to you by the Grade 8B!!! We wear stupid signs and run around and shell out the love in an act of proclamation. We are trying to promote that freshies are not shy and have good hygiene. We all need little signs taped to us. I have a Free Hugs shirt, as well, so I'm wearing it. I bought it with three other friends at the same time, then this annoying girl bought the same one to copy us. Loser. My sign that I made says:

"Hug the Ug

Ly Kid"

And in little letters at the bottom: "Out of Pure Sympathy."

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Dibsy said...

I can't wait for my first dance. :] But it'll be a middle school one.