We had to work outside today. I hate working outside. Normally, I get all puffed up and defensive about "female rights" and stereotypes and prejudice, but the truth is: if, in a decade or so, I am married, I shall be perfectly happy to let Hubby
Mow the lawn
Tend the garden
Chop the wood
Any other activities, such as wood building. Like, rabbit cages. And garbage can holders.

I would help paint, though. I'm not the greatest artist in the world, but I did make a gorgeous mural on our outside fridge at our cabin. I think it'd be cool to have a muraled house. Or, like, one wall muraled. Or a door, or fridge, or something. If my husband's an artist like Laini Taylor's, maybe we could have one random wall with nothing on it and just continually paint it! wouldn't that be darling? I think it would.

The fact remains, however, that while some people prefer to be in the fresh air and feel alive, I am rather fine with being inside and cooking. Or dusting. Or reorganizing.

I have an obsession with reorganizing. It's weird. I'm not even neat. But at school, I reorganize my locker every ten-minute break. I recently moved some furniture in my room and banished my keyboard. I took it to school, so I could join Mr. M's garage band. Plus I wanna do some vocalage. That would be exciting.

Anyways, we did do some of my preferred housework. But then we went to the garden. We dug potatoes. UGH! I absolutely despise the rough, spine-tingling, unpleasant grating of dirt-on-dirt caked fingers. I kept my fingers far apart from each other, splayed like a high-five. Plus, I prefer not to crouch down, because my knees are somewhat screwed up. Patellafemoral syndrome, I may have mentioned it. It sucks BUTT. So my roll gradually became standing on the edge of the garden while my parents dug and my siblings lobbed the fat potato tanks at me. I enjoyed putting my fantastic ball skills and handeye coordination to work. I caught two in my left hand (glove hand) AT THE SAME TIME. It made me feel cool. Then we had to pitchfork weed piles to a big compost pile. It was not fun. Looking over the garden when we finished, I didn't exactly feel a lot of pride. Our garden, formerly...chlorophylly (I wouldn't call it "lush) and planty and busy and somewhat alive was now just savaged dirt. It looked like some kind of hellhole. I was glad only that it was over.

I'm making it sound worse than it was, though. My family and I had "stimulating conversation". Really, we did. It was enjoyable. And after a while, the only unpleasantness was when I forgot my state of hygiene and rubbed my fingers together, resulting in a creeping, restless spine. YUG. I was relieved it was over and could scrub myself. I like feeling cool and clean.

How do you like to feel? That sounds weird. But I hope you'll figure out what I mean. What I want to ask is, what makes you happiest? Do you like feeling warm and cozy and contained, wrapped in a blanket before a fire and TV? Do you like the hot, wrung-out, elastic exhaustion after a good workout? Do you like a bubbling hot tub, the cool tranquility of a pool or lake at night, the flexible relaxation after stretching? Personally, I like sort of a combination. Like, exercise/stretching and a hot shower ended with a blast of cool. I like the feeling of cool, damp, brushed hair.

I was reading Tati's blog today. I love her photos. I like taking pictures, too, but not with the dedication some people have. My favorite part of pictures is the editing process! Some people

take a picture and tweak a bit of the lighting and curves for optimum brightness. Like this.

Mr. Tina, our Squirrel Friend.

I might take a photo like this...

And make it into this!

See? Before it just looked like Carson, dude with eccentricities. Now it looks like Carson, universal manager. Better, right?

I would post more, but as you can probably see, I have an inability to post pictures without screwing up the rest of my post. I should do pictures first and work around the rest. I bet that would work. Frick, that would work beautifully. I'm stupid.

But what else is new, right?

Ha ha. My family is looking for an acreage. We want to live on an acreage. That might be nice. Kloey wants a horse. Carson wants a minquad. Landon wants a dirt bike. I want a goat.

What do goats do, you might ask?


I will just tell you.

They give MILK, gosh darn it. MILK. Plus they eat those little ice cream cones filled up with what looks like bird food that people give you at petting zoos. Plus they're so cute. Also, I figure, that if we live in the middle of nowhere, we can get kittens, play with them, and raise them. And when they're fat and big and not cute anymore, we can banish them to the great outdoors! Then they can drink goat milk. I ran this idea by my mother and she said we sould have an explosion of cats. Well now. Why don't we all get MALE cats? Male cats rarely become pregnant. Plus, they can always get into a fight and kill each other when there's too many of them. Female cats would not only get knocked up, but they would also never fight. Never. They're too ladylike. ;-)

Current favorite songs:

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
Fireflies by Owl City
Bucket by Carly Rae Jepsen
You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift
All To Myself by Marianas Trench
I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At the Disco
Time Warp by Rocky Horror Pictures
Drive my Soul by Lights
Time is Running Out by Muse
Spiderman Theme (Junkie XL Remix) by Michael Buble

A great movie=Race to Witch Mountain. Seth is hot. He is a hot alien. Plus he can control his molecular density and slide through solid objects. Also he can withstand great impact. He slid through a moving car, landing on the road, and stood stonily in the middle of the road. An FBI van slammed right into him and kersploded, and Seth just stood there.

It was the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Never mind what I said about screwed up posts. I fixed it. Now it is gorgeous.

I wanted to say something else, but I forget.

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