110th Post

I really have nothing to say. I just haven't posted in a while.

NaNo count=14552 words. Not bad. Better than last year's: 6075. When all was said and done.

Anyways, I sent my first NaNo mail to Stephanie Perkins. And she sent me MY first message. And I replied to her. ALSO my first reply!!

So many firsts. I haven't been getting much sleep. I write best at night. So I tell myself. I have a bad habit of coming home from school, lazing here and there, eating and reading...making supper...homework...activities, sometimes, in there...then it's ten thirty and I need to write still. Oops.

I went to my first 4H meeting today. Light Horse. We're moving to an acreage! Yay! It will be fun. I've always wanted a horse.

I want to post my photography! I have quite a few decent photos now. I like to edit, especially. I'm not so much for raw photos of nature. I like editing. Playing with color, focal black and white, soften around the edges. Fun.

I made peanut butter cookies.

Emilee added this in a comment on Kiersten White's blog. I chuckled.

Do, it's what buys the beer
Ray, the guy that serves the beer,
Me, the one who drinks the beer,
Fa, a long long way to get the beer,
So, I'll have another beer,
La, just give me another beer,
Ti, no, I'll have another beer,
That brings us back to do do do do dooooo, you do have more beer money, right?

HA HA. Sound of Music... Maria the alcoholic. Who is also a nun. How does that work?

Horses and writing and beer and cookies. My life, as of this moment.


Sofi said...

HAHA! I think I heard Homer Simpson sing that once...
Thats sooo cool your moving to an acreage! I have also always wanted a horse but that's not really posible... :(
anyway that is so cool you love photos and editing!
I started out editing all my photos (now I only do it a bit) but after you edit for awhile, you start to figure out how to make those effects in real life!
Well, byee!
_6..^-, Sofi
p.s. How do i follow you? there isnt that little button in the top left corner.bye again!

Lexi said...

Hey good job with NaNo! I did it last year, but I didn't this november... I commend you! Writing is HARD!

And is Maria a nun? I thought she was a... novice? Is that what it's called? She gets married, at any rate. :p

jckandy said...

I think she's more like a wannabe nun. I agree, she is like a novice, sort of...and gets married...he he.

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