I think I've probably mentioned this, but my family is planning on moving to an acreage. We have a deal written down, and our farm is BEAUTIFUL, and the house is okay. As soon as we salvage the sell on our own house, we are OFF, baby! I can hardly wait.

And obviously, the best part about living on a farm is the animals. See: HORSES.

We found two horses that we went to look at today. Their names are Mr. Bojangles and Yoshi. Bo is a HUGE Chestnut (sixteen and a half hands: his shoulders reach my HEAD, and I'm 5"6!), seventeen years old, shaggy and really gentle. An old man rode him until he was eighty-five. Yoshi is a relatively smaller Appaloosa, only seven, but he's been around kids his whole life.

Here is that Picnik photo I semi-promised.

That's me atop Big Bo, and my mom is hugging him. Isn't this a cute picture?? I just love the quote I found: "If you want a stable friend, get a horse."

We were all into it, except one of my brothers, who is afraid of horses. He didn't even touch them. Oddly, it's my older younger brother (does that make sense?? Landon's twelve, Carson's seven, they're both younger than me but Landon is older) that is scared. He'll warm up to them.

We don't have any tack (saddles, bridles, etc), and the woman we who owns the horses (an AWESOME person named Kim) had lent hers for the time being, so we hopped on bareback. Which makes it sound a lot more professional then it actually was.

Even my DAD was riding! Bo is so tame that when my dad leaped onto him and scrambled into a sitting position (a funny sight), he just stood there! It was great.

This is Carson atop Yoshi. I was so glad when Carson joined in on our horse-mania! He was never super into our whole horses scheme, not like us girls were, but once we were there he wanted to ride. And man, he hopped on Yoshi, and I led him around the corrall a few times, then Kloey led him around for a long time, and he wouldn't get off!

Kloey on Big Bo. Now, Kloey's not exactly obese, but she's not a small kid. She's quite tall for ten years old, and look how small she looks on Bo!

For Christmas, Kloey got this blue halter and striped lead rope. She's only used it on our dogs so far, so she was thrilled to use them on a real horse today! Yoshi will be like her horse, because he's smaller. Bo will be like my horse (although we will all ride them, definitely. It's just that Kloey and I are the current horse maniacs.), so after today we got him a deep green halter and lead that looks pretty with his reddish hair!
That was what we did this morning: checking out our horses. Since we're pretty much amateurs in the whole thing, we are asking one of our equestrian friends to come out with us next week just to double-check the horses, make sure they are family friendly. Then they will be ours!
If our house would sell, I would be ON TOP OF THE WORLD with ECSTASY.
Personally, I think I could probably work the farm life. I'd have to stop dressing up so much on a day-to-day basis, I think. (Leggings are my favorites.) I have outfit habits: on school days, either I wake up late and throw on yoga pants and a t-shirt or hoodie, or else I wake up on time and wear, like, a purple tunic-y shirt over patterned leggings.
But I can SO get used to jeans.


Anonymous said...

Once my dad took me to a ranch to ride this white horse named Blondie, who I loved.
It died the next day.
So cleary I am cursed and any horse I touch dies.
Hopefully you don't suffer that same unfortunate consequence.


PS: Novel writing is going awesome! Hope the cool farm scenery inspires your writing hand to get moving!

jckandy said...

I sure hope so, Jehsyka! Ha ha.

YOU ARE NOT RIDING MY HORSES. No offense. (Just kidding! Just...they can't die. Okay?)

Anyways, I hope you can get rid of the curse somehow.