A Successful Day

This morning, I woke up at an ungodly hour (see: 6am) to travel an hour to arrive at my orthodontists' office at eight in the morning. Normally, this would have depressed me beyond belief. Ortho usually means a) a sore mouth for 3 days, b) adjustment of wires and cutting up my mouth, c) reprimandation (is that a word?) from the hygienists, or d) all of the above. Except for this time, it was special. It was the last time I would enter that godforsaken place WITH BRACES ON.

Yes, folks, I have successfully completed my orthodontic treatment. Hurray!

In truth, I got my top braces off in July. That was a glorious day. But today, when they removed my lower braces, I was like: I AM FINISHED. Braces were not a particularly wonderful experience. The only thing is, I had to get a retainer for my bottom teeth.

I think that back in the day, retainers included a wire that stretched across your teeth. My retainers are perfectly clear, like a thin cast that I slip over my teeth. You would think that you wouldn't notice it so much, but you do. For a few days, my teeth will hurt again. The retainer brings a new kind of pressure to my teeth, so it makes them sore.

I can't remember what it's like to not think about my teeth every other minute.

I decided to eat some frozen yogurt: it soothes my mouth and I got to remove my retainer for a while. This plan seems to be working quite well.


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Alpha-Blood-Wolf said...

It's nice to finally be rid of braces :), but unfortunately I'm obsessed with cleaning and flossing my teeth now...

congrats though :D