Last night I babysat some kids a few cabins down. Their mom is really nice, as is the dad and kids, actually, but as she was issuing some last-minute instructions you could tell she was a bit nervous/uptight! Oh, well, her kids are 8, 6, and 4, so a new babysitter, maybe I'd be anxious too. Not that I have kids or anything (I'm not finished ELEMENTARY school yet, ppl!) but I understood. Instead of being shy and quiet, like I usually am at a new job, I tried to be cheerful, confident and easygoing. I think it worked. Anyways, the kids were pretty good. The oldest (Cally) was asking me random questions all night, like Edward was asking Bella, such as "What's your favorite color?" and "What's your favorite TV show?" She told me she interrogates every new babysitter, so I just answered them nonchalantly. Six-year-old Noah acted a bit stubborn and silly, but nothing major. Once he was being very stubborn about wanting a straw, but I kept refusing. Actually, at one point, I felt a bit dumb for enforcing the straw rule, but Cally assured me they COULD NOT have straws, so straws were a no-go. My sibs, Cally's and Noah's friends came over, and they splashed happily in the water with boogieboards and jumping off docks while I played with the youngest, Emma, in the sand. Emma is the cutest, sweetest, longest-eyelashed little girl I have ever seen. We made sand soup, seaweed salad, sand-seaweed-leaf-rock sandwiches, and a sand bagel. Beach Food, Eat Fresh. Fresh, stepped on gritty sand-wiches. LOL. We then headed inside and watched Camp Rock on their small TV in their room cuz me nor Cally could figure out the "oh so complicated" living room TV. They had permission to stay up till their dad came home, so I left at ten, feeling happy. They were nice little well-behaved kids and I looked after them considerably well. I'm babysitting them again tomorrow, and my Dad informed me that they were looking forwards to it. Sweet.

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