Plane Ride-The Experience of a Lifetime

Oh, my gosh. This morning at ten, I got the experience OF A LIFETIME!!!!
Ya see, my dad knows this guy (Hubert) and they were talking, and it turns out he owns an airplane, a Cessna something-or-other. Hubert offered to take us for a ride!! It's a pontoon plane. We could see him ride over the lake (he lives in Meota, across Jackfish lake, kinda eastish of our beach) and he landed the plane in the water and pulled up to our beach. Mom, me, and my littlest bro went first. We had to wear these big earphones with speakers, cuz once the plane was on, the motor roared so loud the only way to hear each other speak was the speakers. Lift off was SO AMAZING! If anyone has the chance, I strongly advise you take off in a small plane off the water, rising 300 meters in the air, seeing the yellow canola and green waving fields spread like a patchwork quilt. Gazing in awe at the two lakes, Jackfish and Murray. Watching the teeny tiny little boats zoom around, while we flew easily so much faster than them. Once, to tease us, the pilot swooped down, steeply, and I felt my stomach drop through my knees, so it seemed. It freaked Mom and I both, while Carson just laughed at us. The landing? Well, we were told to shut up so he could concentrate. It was quite smooth, actually, just a bump when we hit the water, and I was sad to finish it. But wow-the experience of a lifetime.

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