Guys-check out my new blog CLARABELLE for the following chapters to my novel!


dibsy said...


Hey, jckandy, you know wannabewriter/Kels Kels? Did she go one vacation, or something? IT's like she's gone. T_T

Anonymous said...

Curses, I can not find it! Gah! Don't worry, I'll find it...eventually 'cause I still haven't read when Gwen finds out Clarabelle's a vampire!

Dibsy: Kels probably did go vacationing. She had a habit of leaving like three comments for everyone's post and so when it completely stops chances are she's not there.

jckandy said...

yeah, I do know wannabewriter/kelsey. I was kinda wondering where she was too, cuz usually she comments on my new postings. Hope she's havin fun!
ps-I still haven't "told" Gwen Clarabelle's a vamp yet. I actually had a friend up to my cabin, so I've been busy for a few days. We have more company now, but I think I'll get back on to my story.