Yah, you heard me. I'm bored. This may seem a tad pathetic, since Wednesday is the only day I don't have something up after school. Monday/ Ballet class. Tuesday/Volleyball and ballet exam.
Wednesday/NOTHING. Thursday/Deliver papers and volleyball. Friday/ Tap, jazz, and tap exam.

Yup. I really wanna make cookies right now, cuz oatmeal cookie dough sounds good if you forget about salmonella-inducing raw eggs. It may seem weird, cuz last week I made oatmeal choco-chip cookies, last weekend I made plain choco-chip cookies, and here I am craving oatmeal chocolate chips. Again.

Ya'll know what? I think I will. (Maybe the Spirits of Ailment are lactose-intollerant!) Plus there's no wrong time for a hearty homebaked cookie!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, drat, I'll have to do the dishes. Maybe I can scarf up a deal with my bro. :)

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