Energy Status: full enough, could be better
Hair Status: Crunchy from the mousse I use
Vision Status: Contacts. Vision -3.75 in left eye and -4.75 in my right
Right Knee Status: KILLING ME!!!

AAAAAAAUUURGH! My knee is freakin on fi-wuh! (FYI, that's how my lil bro said fire when he was little.) I really don't wanna miss my volleyball game tomorrow, and I have three dance classes on Friday! Jeezum! Why don't the Spirits of Ailment pick on someone else's joints?


Anonymous said...

Damn those Spirits of Ailment!
Sorry your knee is killing you. That sucks, especially if you've got volleyball tomorrow. We've actually yet to begin volleyball, still stuck in soccer.
Anyway, get better soon! Serisouly, get better ASAP, then go play some volleyball.
:) <--Hazah! A smiley face for your nerves.

jckandy said...

Lol thanx.