Candy and Volleyball

Here are my candy stats:

Full-Size Chocolate Bars (not mini): 16
Mini Chocolate Bars: 69
Mini-Packs of Skittles: 3
Rockets: 8
Fizz: 2
Candy Bracelets: 2
Wagon Wheels: 2
Balloons: 1
Suckers: 15
Stickers: 1
Pop Rocks: 2
Jelly Bean Pen: 1
Mini Bags of Chips: 19
Mini-Pringles: 1
Rejects: 34

Rejects includes all the stuff I cannot or will not eat because of my braces, and the cheap crud that's just plain gross. Into that pile went a lot of Maynards. Of course, those numbers are not entirely accurate, because before I counted my sibs and I did our whole barter/trade/shuck away thing, so some was missing. Plus of course today the numbers are, well, lower.
This was my last year of trick-or-treating, so I tried to enjoy it, even though I don't really like trick-or-treating. It's kind of boring.

Today was Districts for V-ball. We lost to two teams and then beat the best team there! How ironic is that? That is so our team. Go Us. One of my team members, my buddy Alex, was really down cuz we were sucking and she had a headache or something. Her face, which is usually like beaming, was so sad. It gave me three feelings:
1. The kind that makes you wanna slap them or beat them up to make them get their head in the game from sheer fear, terror and intimidation (okay not really, just the one slapping part)
2. The kind that makes you wanna be all flowery, Hallmark, grandmotherly kind.
3. The kind that makes you wanna make them laugh so hard they pee themselves.

Of course, their are always, er, backfires to these plans.

3. They don't pay attention to the game, or the make the court slippery.
2. They feel sorry for themselves even more.
1. Take a wild guess.

But anyhoo, we did purdy good. I'm too lazy to type anymore, I'm gonna go knock down those candy stats a bit more while watching "Le Fantome De L'Opera." (If you're not French, that's "The Phantom of the Opera. If you're stupid, it means one of those fictional people that are not far below God. God is the most powerful almighty, of course, and Jesus is second in command, plus all the saints and Mary and all them. But after them, there is Bella, Edward, Jacob, Maximum Ride, and LFDLO, or TPOTO.)

Have A Grand Ole Time With Yo Halloween Candy!!!!

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