Well, everyone, it's Halloween. No school for me!
No, we do not get a holiday (I wish) but at the High School, the SRC set up this wicked awesome Haunted House. I get to act in it, being Secretary of the Elementary school. So I get to skip school and stagger towards the frightened tourists as they jostle for the escape door.

Ha ha.

Okay, so the high school kids are pretty much jerks about it, teasing, iffy language and a few fingers, but for the littler kids it'll be cool. High school was in the morning. My class went this morning too, even though we're ES, and I went with them. Even though I knew every setup and lots of the scares I still jumped/screamed/peed my pants every time. (JK on the last one.)

After school, I'm slipping on a fuzzy gorilla suit with my tattered zombie clothes over top, and gluing on this sweet werewolf nose.

Trick or treat!


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to put together a huanted house for my school, but the teacher who organizes student council is very anti-Halloween so rather then put on scary costumes and jump from hidden places I had to spend the day as servent girl to a bunch of chattery little kids; bringing them pumpkins to paint and cleaning their brushes for them.

Well, I hope you at least had fun. A few fingers? That's tolerable.

So, I'm confused...were you a gorilla or a werewolf? I actually didn't go trick-or-treating and I haven't since I was ten. I supposed I grew out of the tradition a bit early. So, for Halloween I just put on the same sorcerer costume I wear every year and wandered the streets with a friend, no bag and no candy to bring home. Though that was even more fun then trick-or-treating 'cause me and my friend Morgan saw so many of ours friends and stopped to chat a bunch of times.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but your blog archive is invisible because the words are in white against the white backround.

jckandy said...

I put on a gorilla fuzzy suit without the mask and all that so it was just black fuzz, and I put ripped clothes over top. I put on my werewolf nose but the glue was gross and the pants were uncomfortable and the nose came off soon and it wasn't that fun. I don't even like trick-or-treating, really, but this is my last year I'm allowed to go so I figured might as well. And as for my side bar, there is supposed to be a green bar showing up so you can see the white, but sometimes it takes a minute to show and sometimes it doesn't show. Stupid background. I should just ditch the stupid thing. Where did you get YOUR background from? I like it!