This, my friends, is the original, "slurpin' worth" picture...

Okay, so I don't really hang out with peeps who AREN'T in love with Edward Cullen, so naturally I have a lot of friends. My mom says someday it's gonna hit me that Edward ISN'T REAL, but till then I'm happy. Here's a few lovely pics me and my buddy Lizzy "fixed" on paint.NET
Here's the "vampire revealed..."Here's his true beauty...And here's the evidence of his slurpin' worthiness!


dibsy said...

Lol. my friend, lol.

I took da Mary Sue test! And I failed miserably!!! DX (94)

j.wordfreak said...

Even with pointy teeth and slobber, it's impossible for Robert Pattinson to NOT be gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

Edward Cullen...DAMN IT...why aren't you real?!

Even with a creepy tongue thing (it is a tongue, right?) on him he's still too PERFECT!