Mary Sue and Phantom of the Opera

I got this from Jehsyka's blog, Autumn Rider, and I took the Mary Sue Litmus Test, (and I just figured out the links and am having a blast.) Ha-ha. Unfortunately, Clarabelle is an "Iredeemable Sue," and I don't know what that means, but it doesn't look good. Crapola.
On a sweeter note, last night I borrowed from my friend THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, or as the Francais say, "Le Phantome De La Opera." With squigglies in there.
It was SWEET. I realized how pathetic I am when I recited the auctioneers' speech with him. (Lot 666, then. A chandelier in pieces. Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera, a mystery never fully explained...) LOL. Go me.
Stuff I didn't like was...

--Some song lyrics were changed. This totally messed me up.
--Raoul's hair was long. Ew.
--Phantom's voice was kinda highish, not deep and rumbly like it should be.
--The chandelier falls BEFORE the masquerade.
--They talked some parts they should've sang. At the masquerade, Christine's supposed to sing, "Thiiink O-of it! A secret en-GAGE-ment, look. You're fu-TURE bride!...) Instead she talked it. Jeez, Christine. And the loser who directed it. It was still fairly fantabulous though. Buquet's death inspired me to hang a foam skeleton with twine in a little 2-D foam graveyard scene I did with my lil bro. Tee-hee.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At least Clarabelle was the "super-sue"! Alas...I've been cruel to Elric.
Wicked! You finally watched the Phantom of the Opera! I agree with you mostly, Raouls hair looked creepih and Christine should sing more. Jeez...it's a musical. Though if all they did was sing I'd probably get a bit sick of it. Hmmm...anyway, though I liked the Phantom's voice. It was all "The ph-AAAAAAANNNN-tom of the op-ER-aa is thereeeeeee" and it was freakin' amazing.

Anonymous said...

Mean't to say, at least clarabella WASN'T the "super sue".

jckandy said...

I <3 Phantom!