Today, I went to this program at my church with my Catechism class. I didn't really want to go at first. I mean, it was at nine o'clock in the morning on a Saturday! That's just not what I normally do. Sometimes I don't go to Mass on Sunday at nine, either. I'm a bad girl.

But whoa, was I ever glad I went today. Dude. It started out just with plain Mass upstairs, and my Catechism class (the seven of us) were the youngest ones there. Everyone else was either our parents or old people. I later realized I was the youngest one there! (But just by 20 days.)

After Mass we went downstairs and two women delivered speeches. The first was Michelle. I really really liked her. I foolishly agreed to be a volunteer (stupid, stupid) and Kristy blindfolded me, led me upstairs (and into a pole, ouch) and I had to wait there for a few minutes. Then Taylor came up with Kristy and they led me back down. I then had to find a chocolate bar by the small crowd yelling "hot" or "cold." Everyone hollered one or the other, but at the same time. I was trapped inside a white-and-green dish towel, arms outstretched, lost in a confusing muddle of overlapping voices. Not helpful, to say the least.

Anyhoo, Michelle eventually called me to a stop (time's up, she said) and was saying stuff like how finding Jesus is like being in a mass of confusion, with some voices louder than the others. You have to tune it all out and listen carefully for the truth. Very interesting, very effective.
Carmen is actually a published author. She wrote Arms of Love, a Christian novel about courtship. You shouldn't date until you're ready to be married, because dating is looking for the person you'll marry. She talked about how you shouldn't kiss until you meet the right person, cuz kissing is taking away treasures from the right person (husband or wife.) She said some peoples' first kiss is at the altar.
Sounds a bit extreme to me. I understand, or I think I do, why people would do that. It just makes the wedding day and maritial days that much better. But still, who can hold off that much temptation? And do you know many guys who would do that for you?
Michelle has a fiancee. His name is Sean, and they met, "courted" for two months and then he proposed. They haven't kissed or anything and aren't planning to until February 14th, when they say, "I do." I find that really sweet and cute and romantic. I deeply admire the pair for deciding that and following through with that.

All in all, it was really an inspiring and uplifting day. Will I follow through with all that courtship jazz? I might. Some of it, anyways. I mean, before I was all for my first real boyfriend and kiss and all that, but now I just wanna wait for my perfect dude. It'll be a fair few years, but it will be perfect. God has it all planned out, I'm sure, so I'll just hang tight till then. It will be a long wait, but He knows what He's doing.

Yeah. Go Roman Catholicism!

P.S. Carmen Marcoux also talked about something intriguing, something she called "love at no sight." She (or someone else, I dunno) said it struck them one day how much they loved their future husband. She didn't know him, but it would cross her mind, "I wonder what he's doing right now..." She'd pray for him. I think that's really cool, something possible only with God!

The only way for me to end this post... Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

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