Busy Bee

Huzzah! It's the weekend! This week seemed so freakin' long. Last year, my Fridays were relaxing at least: come home, race my bro to the PS2 (We can only play on weekends. Urgh!)

Read, watch TV, etc. But THIS year I have three dances on Friday! My schedule goes like this:


Ballet Ballet Exam Nuthin'! Papers Tap


Tap Exam

Yeah. Notice how everything sorta piles up on Friday?! I mean, sheez. Friday used to be a relaxin' day. Now it's the busiest day of the week! At least I don't take skating this year. Last year, on Monday, I would go to the rink right after school and teach Learn-To-Skate for an hour (three forty-five to four forty-five) and then figure skate until six-fifteen. My mom teaches all the skating in town. But this year, at school, instead of Kindergarten twice a week, it's every day. So she doesn't have time anymore, and no one else in town would do it. Jerks.

But last year, oh man, Thursdays?!??!!!? Killer! I would DREAD them! If I had a test on Friday, it was like, oops, guess I'm flunkin that test!

(Okay, that's an exaggeration. I get good marks and have never flunked a test. Worst mark: 62%. On math. Oops.)

Last year, Thursdays were: School, learn-to-skate, figure-skating, rush home, eat supper, deliver papers, go to Jazz. Argh. Do ya blame me for dreading it?!?!?!?!?

Yes, Landon and I have a paper route. We split it-- I do 6th and half of 7th street, Landon does 8thand half of 7th street. We get paid a fair wad, too. Not bad. Recently I bought this sweet sound system for my room--it plays CDs, Radio, and ipod.

My other money-makin' biz is baby-sitting. I actually like it. I haven't got any jobs for a while, though: I have a lot of stuff up. Plus, all my units in school are nearing the end; I have tests.

Not that I study a lot for them though. I studied once for my ELA and got ninety-five.

So, I think I'll change out of my pajamas and go watch the Senior Girls Volleyball Tournament at the high school. Oh, crud, on my schedule I missed out on volleyball. I have games on Tuesday and practices on Thursday. I gotta check the weather, first. I always check the online weather forecast before I get dressed. Is that weird???????


the busy, busy, busy, busy bee.


jckandy said...

ARRRGH!! That sched is all messed. Blogger blogger blogger. That's just dumb! On Friday I really have tap, tap exam and jazz.

c said...

Hi I'm C. I don't know if I have commented here before, but I like your blog! That's so cool that you still dance because I do too!! yes. Some people think its weird that I still do ballet, but I love it so much! And tap! wooo. Tap is awesome. wow. It is already Sunday!? The weekends go by so quickly!!

gogodibsy :D said...

Wowzy wow wowz! (points at template with uber shocked expression) WHERE'D YOU GOT THAT AWESOME TEMPLATE?!?!?!?! :D

jckandy said...

the wonderful wide world of CYBERSPACE ;D

plus my dad helped me...

jckandy said...


Whaddya mean, STILL DANCE??? I've like always danced. Actually in my town there's nothin to do. But yeah! Where you live, is it like, "you're in ballet? My kindergarten sis in ballet." I mean lil kids take ballet, but so do big kids!!!! We only have like two boys in the whole program though. We do have a boys hip hop group, though :)

gogodibsy :D said...

Oh dude, I promise you I won't copy your speech; i'm just looking for a base to write on-I need some ideas.

Can you still show me it, though? I won't copy. :)

jckandy said...

okay,dude, sure.

jckandy said...


ahem...i can't find it. Darmit!