My Sweet New Avatar

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... MY NEW AVATAR MADE IN PAINT.NET!

It took mighty concentration, grueling, slaving hours, but at last, the finished product!

(Okay, I lie. It took half a computers class at school, but still.)


I love paint.NET. I took the fleur-de-lis, which is an awesome symbol even though I'm not from Quebec, and changed the color from gold to blue, made it outlined, made it slightly blurry, put it on a background homemade gradient, and last but not least my username: JCKANDY.
(In case anyone's wondering, pronounce it jay-see-kan-dee.)
Whoever wants to download it (which I highly recommend) do it here.
Happy Paint.Netting!!!


dibsy said...

...jay-see-candy...? All this time I've been calling you j-candy!!!

jckandy said...

hee hee sorry. You don't have to change, I can't even hear you on the internet. I've been calling you Dye-b-sy!

LOL Just Kidding.

dibsy said...

LOL, Dye-b-sy! XD