New Look and Christmas Concert

First of all...NEW LOOK! Is it not glorious?

I mean, I did like the other one, but you could TELL I got it off a cheap (well, more than cheap...FREE) site on a download, but this one actually looks real. Professional. Lol, that's me.

I am trying to decide if inserting a pic into the top would work well... I kind of like the leaves.

GREEN...that brings me to our school's Christmas Concert.

Oddly, this concert is called, "SANTA GOES GREEN." When we heard that, we didn't try to pretend that it wasn't the weirdest thing ever. I mean, since when does Rudolph have an LED nose?
But I have warmed up to the fact some considering we are the oldest in the Elementary school, so we get the honor of being in the musical. Our Christmas concerts are a play that are three quarters singing, but they give us parts and costumes and lines to make us think it's a play, even though the choir does all the work. I am one of the three main parts...RUDOLPH!
I don't know why, but apparently Santa going green involves Rudolph with a Texas drawl. I have no idea what Rudolph has to do the southerners, but oh well. I actually tried out for Mrs. Clause, who has more lines, but I had to read a few Rudolph lines and the teachers liked my drawl so much I am now Rudolph. I'm kinda glad about it now, though, because Rudolph doesn't have as many lines, but he requires more acting. Mrs. Clause just spouts wisdom about global warming.
Speaking of Rudolph and Mrs. Clause, she rubs my nose, like, six times throughout the play! It's like, wow, Mrs. C, keep your "clause" to yourself!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha, my dad's a comedian. I guess it shows. He published a book of puns with his partner, Mark, and every seventh word out of his mouth is a pseudo pun. (Usually every fourteenth word is a real pun.) I have to occasionally remind him that a pun is the lowest form of humor.


Agent Dibsy said...

lol this one is an original blog template. althoguh i like this one better, it has calmer colors that don't make my eyes burn.

sooo...waz up?

Agent Dibsy said...

dude, your blue manta ray is addicting. i used to have fun, but i guess it was the wrong color clashes because it didn't mesmorize me like this one. (stares) ehehehe, i like how it rippled in green wallpaper.

Agent Dibsy said...

ONE, not fun. shoot, triple post. D: