Weekends and Week Ends

It never really occured to me that a "weekend" was, y'know, the end of the week. In my mind, "weekend" was not a compound word, but a sacred word, a wonderful word that was often said and relished. (While we're disecting words, where the heck did they get "relish" from? Pickles are disgusting. I mean, ugh.) So anyways, it is Friday night, and I am awaiting my friend Alex to come over. She is one of my best friends and my best movie-maker friend. She also has the same taste in books as me and is one of my friends who actually read for fun and understand books. Plus she's a great artist.
So, I'm guessing we'll watch a Batman movie (she's somewhat obsessed, but I can't talk when I hum Phantom constantly) make some frozen yogurt, eat a lot of food, pause and think about how fat we're getting, and then forget about it and eat more food. We will most definetly make a bunch of stupid videos with a digital camera, probably mine. When I say stupid, I mean we use bright yellow capes and sparkly gloves from my old dressup clothes and talk in accents and do half improv, half scripted humor. Its funny stupid. Fun stupid. Awesome stupid. Not just stupid, like this guys shirt today.
Actually she just arrived, so Peace Out.

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Anonymous said...

You've somewhat given me a little heart pang with my knowledge that my own most splendid friend is no longer my friend despite the fact that she has lost what I originally thought was so wonderful. Maybe one day I'll meet someone who will be as good a friend as she used to be,as good a friend as Alex seems to be.
Have a wicked time!
(Even though by the time you read this she will have most likely left.)

PS pff...phantom is so way wickeder than batman...though The Dark Knight was freakin' amazing!