Today is the first official day of vacation, and already we are far from home.

I don't think it's suicidal to tell my location, because we're a days trip away from my actual home. We are at Drumheller, Alberta, were all the dinosaur stuff is. We drove all day (ugh--I hate our stupid Suburban now) and are at last at the mini Travelodge motel. We went bowling and I almost walked away wearing the "stylish" metallic-green and silver bowling shoes with bright red laces. The guy reminded me as I was leaving. I removed them red-faced, but he said that people have walked out wearing them before. He added that they usually return them. I'm like, "Why would they do that? These hot things are the most happenin' footwear out there!"

Ha ha. Later we went swimming and at the pool there was this rope you could swing into the pool by! Man, it was great. I'm the least athletic of my siblings, and even I had a sweet time. I'm also the tallest by about a foot (my little brother is 11 and 4"7 and I'm 12 and 5"5!) so I realized I could sort of push off the side of the pool, leap, grab the end of the rope, and cling there. I would do that if we left it alone for too long and it stopped swinging. I also realized I could climb a little bit higher while in the air, which was a great feat I'm sure I'll feel tomorrow in the morning in my upper arms.

We went out to supper at, like, 8. It was eight o'clock in Drumheller, but it would be nine o'clock back home. Which is why now, in our hotel room, almost everyone is in bed like we would be at ten thirty as opposed to nine thirty.

In Drumheller there is a giant, life-size plaster T-rex that you can walk up in. There's stairs inside of him and you can climb up and be in his mouth and have a great view.

Here's the guy, although of course its snowy and cold. At night, though, it was kind of foggy, and the ethereal light from the streetlights and stuff illuminated his belly and his teeth and it was really creepy. "Jurassic Park Flashbacks!" I was thinking.
Our main destination is Fairmont Hot Springs in BC, but tomorrow we are visting some relatives in Calgary, staying with them, and afterwards continuing on to Fairmont. I have my own boots but nothing else, so I'll be renting skis. Everyone is renting at least one thing except for Landon, who got a snowboard for Christmas.
So, that's my vacation plan. I'll be posting more as the events unfold.
Anyone else got rockin vacation plans?


Anonymous said...

Ello Jaecy, JC, jckandy...I'm puzzling over the correct nickname to call you by.
Psh, and bowling shoes are the shizz!
My parents are hinting that they are planning some sort of vacation. I do hope it's just for them as I despise going places where I'm supposedly supposed to enjoy myself with my family. I can not enjoy myself with my family unless they stay at one end of the vacation spot and I on the other!
Well, I hope you have fun. The dinosaur thing was cool.


Lexi said...

Are you still on vacation? Because if you are, can you buy me that dinosaur?