Crushes and Other Stuff

Well, the first thing in my title is crushes. I'm only in seventh grade, but most people do this thing they call "dating," which basically means putting a label on a slightly-closer-than-friends friendship. Some people act really stupid when they do this. There's this one girl who will ask someone out, and then avoid them for three weeks, and break up with them. I mean, its so dumb. It makes me wanna yak, almost.

But yesterday someone asked me out. His name is Dylan, and we "dated" through part of grades five and six. But we like each other, so we got back together. So, basically, we hang out at recess or meet up at hockey games and stuff, as well as eye-rolling at teasing. Ha ha. (Guess what, KH? You're not that funny!)

As for other stuff, last night I got new glasses, frames and lenses. The new frames are thick plastic (which sounds unnatractive but look cool) that are dark brown tortoiseshell. They have a slit in the side band on each side, and the top is plastic and the bottom is metal. They're Vogue or something, and I like them. Dad thinks they look like writer's glasses. They make me look smarter. W00T!


Lexi said...

Nice glasses! I always lost mine or sat on them or something, so I now wear contacts! Tee hee :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in grade eight and even though I am a year older I feel strange when considering dating. Many guys have asked me out though often it is very indirect so it is simple to turn them down nicely. However, recently a guy asked me out way too directly and I didn't know how to say no so I just avoided him for a week! ^_^
I don't consider dating at our age real at all. We don't know what love is, and despite what we may like to think, none of us our ready for a rrelationship. I won't date until I'm fifteen, most likely.

jckandy said...

Jehsyka, I do and don't agree with you. I don't really consider this "dating" but rather spending time with someone you like. Because most of the guys in my grade want either a boyfriend label or nothing. I don't really agree with that, but they're guys, so who knows how their minds work?