I had to write a book or movie review for ELA class. Since the books I liked were either a) taken or b) inappropriate, I turned to movies. What movie did I choose? THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Here is my first paragraph:

Beneath the Opera House in 1812, a disfigured musical genius lurks in the dark catacombs, nururing a young girls' voice. Christine Daae is one day driven into the spotlight, and overnight she becomes a star. The Phantom, otherwise known as the Opera Ghost, grows obsessed with her. Meanwhile, Christine is courting the Vicomte de Chagny, or Raoul, her childhood sweetheart. A dark, thrilling tale of jealousy, passion, and mose of all, music, this film will keep you on the edge of your seat while you watch the unpredictable love triangle as the Phantom drives them past the point of no return.

What do you think?
Today we got in two movies we had ordered from some source. Madagascar 2 and IRON MAN. M2 is okay, more for little kids, I think, but Iron Man is phenomonal. Normally I don't have patience for that type of movie, but Iron Man is one of my favorite movies by far. Plus, the guy who stars in it as Tony Stark is incredibly good-looking.
I know the movie Twilight doesn't hit the shelves until March 21st, but apparently they send em out early to movie stores so they can do what they wish with them. In my minitown, the main destination is the Video Stop. Everyone knows Earl, the guy who has watched everything and runs it. Anyways, my aunt was at the Video Stop while Earl was unpacking them, and we got one on Sunday. We watched Twilight Sunday night, and on Monday I watched it again when I stayed home sick. I know lots of people hate Bella/Kristen Stewart, but I for one think she did a great job in the movie. Her voice is kinda mannish, but it's okay.
I recently killed myself laughing watching my dad shoot our cat, Mr. Puddles, with rubber darts from my brother's dart gun. Puddles is begining to flee the room at the sound of the plastic clicking together. I know its kind of mean, but it is so hilarious. Foam darts don't really hurt.
I am still working on my background. I really want a dark navy blue or black or maybe deep violet background with a cool header. I think it makes it look more dramatic.


Anonymous said...

The Phantom of the Opera = BEST FREAKIN' MOVIE EVER.
And your review was awesome!

Lexi said...

Love your new layout! (it also makes it easier to read the neon font! and environmental it is!)

I've never seen Phantom the movie, but I saw it on Broadway when I was in first grade. I was very frightened and didn't know what was going on. I'll have to give the movie a chance!

I agree with you-- Kresten Stewart was an AWESOME Bella! I'm not sure if I'd be friends with her (I honestly think she's a drug addict), but I liked her in Twilight.