I'm pretty happy right now. Well, not so much pure "happiness" as much as contentment. Why?
Mainly because Miriam's Isle is back on track!
I'm trying to write a bit every day, even if I just get, like, a paragraph. That's still something, and it will keep me thinking about it. And, usually, I can't write just one paragraph. Once I get started, I'm obligated to keep going. Just last night I wrote more than ten pages, an important scene that proves as something to both lead up to and work off of. I'm pretty psyched!
For all the novelists working on their first first draft...if you're feeling discouraged...been there, done that. Just keep going through with it, and you'll make it out. I promise.
Just make sure you stick with it! I'm sure glad I did.
Okay, its only been two days of motivation/happiness stuff, but you can tell a lot in two days.
I also signed up for badminton. I beat everyone I played in practice today. Maybe I have a bit of natural talent? I beat Dylan 9-6. Hee hee. I also beat this sportsy guy who usually dominates, but not today!
ER was really good tonight.
Go Life! It's currently amazing. I hope your lives are all really fun right now too!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being back on track, jckandy! Told ya not to give up. :)
By the way, your blog's noew look is swicked (sweet + wicked).

jckandy said...

Thanks on both counts. :)