Upcoming, Recent, and Present Stuff

UPCOMING: Lanigan Dance Festival. I am in dance. I take ballet, ballet exam (ugh), tap, jazz, and a musical theatre solo. For those of you peeps who are not all up in the dance vocab, the difference between ballet and ballet exam is this. In ballet class, which is one hour, you generally spend about thirty minutes doing universal exercises (plies, tendus, etc.) The rest of the class is spent making up a dance routine, which is completely original. You get the costumes, hair, way too much makeup, and you go to LDF and other places and wait backstage and chew your nails and forget the dance before you go on and preform, showing everyone how awesome you are. You get the costumes and the performance for tap and jazz and stuff as well. Ballet exam is when you do an hour of the stupid exercises everyone hates while you glower at your teacher and feel fat in the leotards. The only reason I am taking ballet exam is so that I am able to take a musical theatre solo. Musical theatre is when you lip-sync. I'm doing "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. It's fun.
Also way-upcoming: summer camp. We have a cabin, and a lake and a boat, seadoo, tubes, waterskiis, wakeboard, the works (no, we are not rich. Don't get the wrong idea.) so we generally are set and don't often go to summer camp. I went to horse camp once while Landon went to hockey camp. But this year we're all going camping for a week in a city nearest to us and we're all going to camp. Kloey's going to gymnastics camp, Carson and Landon are going to hockey camp, and I'm going to Volleyblast. I love volleyball and so, I'm going to camp and learning some intense skills. It'll be great but its far off.
RECENT: My Catechism class went to the hospital today and visited the unfortunate old people. My sister came with us, as did Kristy's little brother Brady who is Kloey's age (fourth grade.) Kloey played some piano songs and I read some of my poetry and we played board games and took them on walks in their wheelchairs around the halls and chatted. I was somewhat timid at first, but we brought one of my dogs, Shanli, and I loosened up. Shanli was pretty good. She's an irish setter, so she can basically walk over and they can reach her from their beds, wheelchairs, whatever. It was cool. I'm glad I went.
PRESENT: Happy Birthday, Jehsyka. Have fun with your fourteen-year-old list.


Lexi said...

So cool. Your life sounds very exciting right now. I wish my school offered musical theatre--we don't get ANY funding for the arts.

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