Just Dance!

(It'll be okay...doo doo doo doo, just dance...)
It's that time of year again. Dance competition has arrived at last.

Yay. (That was sarcastic.)

Okay, I don't hate it. I don't love it, either. Like many things, I'm somewhere in between.
This year I am performing a small tap group, a large jazz, large ballet, and a musical theatre solo. This morning, I performed my ballet group, "Stalia." We won gold!!!
Dance is somewhat weird. During the rest of the year, dance is a hard-core SPORT. Y'know, hair is up in a messy wad, out of your face, sweat off your foundation, tensor bandages, sports bras, knee braces, etc. If the class is working hard, that is. It's hard work!
However, competition. This is where dance is less of a SPORT and more DANCE. It means tedious stitching of ill-fitting costumes, fussing with beige bras and clear straps or beige bodysuits, layers and layers of makeup, false eyelashes, enough hairspray to melt the ozone, glitter. I think there should be a warning sign on the dressing room door: WARNING. THIS IS AN EXTREME ZONE. BEWARE OF HAIR SPRAY AND STAGE MOMS.
My mom isn't a stage mom, though. Luckily. So yeah, it's pretty intense.
I also had to straighten my hair, unfortunately. USUALLY hair is supposed to be curled, but I'm lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, so that means a heck of a lot of less work for me. Yay. But my evil straight-haired friends (fiends?) persisted in their single complaint of, "But we need straight hair for hip-hop!" and stuff. They obviously don't realize how much harder it is to straighten curly hair than it is to curl straight hair. Plus, I think that straight hair looks lame on stage. It looks limp and flat. Whereas curly hair has life and bounce and vibrance. Just my personal opinion.
Luckily, my ballet teacher, Miss Nadine, said that she wanted to change our hair to curly half-up, half-down. Of course the straight-haired gang immediately whined, "But we need straight hair for jazz!" Miss Nadine smiled and said Miss Mandy would change it. Besides, Mandy wanted curly hair in the first place.
I love Miss Nadine. IN YOUR FACE, straight-haired people!
I perform musical theatre (its lip-syncing the words. My song is "My Favorite Things.") tomorrow in the late afternoon. Tap and Jazz are on Sunday.
And oh yeah, we have a day off today. Most people are relishing the three day weekend, while we are like, "Yay, three days of dance."
The worst part about dance competition is getting lipstick in all your food.