PDFs--Mystery Discovered!

My dad showed me how to make PDF files on the internet. Whee!!
How he knows is that him and his comedy partner, Mark have published The Wedding Mc Joke Book and he knows a thing or two about PDFs.
For those of you who wanna know how, its rather easy. Download a program called "Software995". Then, go to the document you want PDF'd, and click Print. If you installed it succesfully there should be a "PDF995" option under Printer. Then you have it!
As an experiment I have put a few pages of Miriam's Isle as a PDF. I'll figure out how to put it out there soon.
Good luck PDFing.


Dibsy said...

whats a pdf??

Lexi said...

Oooh. Shiny. At the moment I don't need to make any pdf's, but I'll bear in mind that you know how to!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the secrets of the PDF's! I've been trying to post some chapters of my novel for some time, but wanted them to be protected as I did so. I'm glad I finally know how to! Thanks, again!
Oh, and I CANT WAIT to read Miriams Isle! You're such a talented writer!

PS You probably thought i had been eaten by a moose, I had been gone for so long!...Moose eat people, right? Sure they do.

jckandy said...

Do they eat people?...I'm not sure. Probably.