School's Out For The Summer!

As of Wednesday, June 24th, I was no longer a resident of the Elementary School. I
am now (almost) a "High Schooler", as stupid and/or younger kids say.
I really hate when people use terms such as "Grade Sixers," the "Preschoolers," the "Grade Threeers". Especially when peeps my age say that crap.
Also on my list of pet peeves:
  • "I SEEN". UGGGH!!!! I hate it!! Everyone says it!! And now most of the people I know say it just to annoy me. "I seen this guy..." "At recess I seen..." grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  • When people write and use the wrong homonyms. Their, they're, there, your, you're, etc. I also hate the wrong punctuation.
  • "Funner."
  • Wrong abbreviations.
  • Just plain misspellings.
  • Pickles.
  • Old grouchy guys that smell funny and seem to run everything.
  • Snobby women that think they know everything. (Orthodontist nurses, substitute teachers, etc.)
  • Warm milk. Warm milk is supposed to be soothing. But it tastes like crap.
  • When people don't brush their hair. It's yucky.

I cleaned my fish tank today. I removed 1/4 of the water, scrubbed their plants and their t.rex skull, and stirred up the yellow and blue rocks littering the bottom with a giant spoon. All their old crud and food stirred up, swishing Christine and Coraline into spinny currents and turning the water opaque. So I left them, and let the filter do the job.

Yesterday at swimming lessons I got to swim in my clothes. It was fun. Except it thundered, so we all had to get out. Wet, too-tight shorts riding up your butt as you sit on the grimy ground talking about hypothermia is not a glorious experience.

Ciao, bella.


Lexi said...

Your so wierd! haha I love pickles lol and grade sixers are sooooo funny. i seen som like being stupid yesterday.


Also, I like your new layout. It is pretty. Was this here before? I seem to have missed your last post. Weird, huh?

Anonymous said...

I know, right?! Drives me insane! Learn to spell, people.
(As if I should talk 'cause I spell tones of crap wrong, but it doesn't bother other people....)
And I agree with Lex. Pickles are the shizz, weirdo.

jckandy said...

Ugh. Pickles.