I never thought I'd say this, but...


Yesterday at Staples I was searching for a new scribbly notebook (I bought a notebook at McNally Robinsons', but I paid too much money for it and it's too intimidating to write in. I wanted a three dollar notebook with a beautiful, fun cover that I can scribble in and not feel guilty.) I passed all the bins of pens and white-out and locker accessories with LONGING. I LOVE shopping for school supplies. I have no life!!
I just want to go to my cabin. Small town summer life really really sucks.
The pool grows boring, it's raining, and one can consume only so many Koolaid Slushies.
However, the family next door moved in. Rebecca is actually going into ninth grade, so we're not the same age after all. :( However, she's really nice and friendly. We hung out a bit the other day.
I'm sick.
I am playing too much Sims, and I swear I have not written a sentence of Miriam's Isle in a week. I wanted to finish the damn thing!
Here, I'll try and concentrate on the good stuff of summer.
  1. We got a bunny. Randomly. At a petting zoo, bunnies and kittens were only five bucks. My mother walked in, and said, "Jaecy, I think we need a bunny to go with the guinea pigs. Do you think the kindergartners will like her?" I said, "Yes." So we picked a bunny the color of a burnt almond (she's a light brown, with darker fur around her ears and feet.) She's not full grown and incredibly tame and ADORABLE. We named her Clover, to go with Sugar and Spice. They get along, too.
  2. I'm playing in C Provincials with a ball team from another town and some other rejects on my team. I like those dudes. I introduced myself as "Leonard" as things just kinda went downhill from there.
  3. The Sims 3 is really fun, though stupid and time-consuming.
  4. My siblings are playing front-yard baseball at this exact moment, which consists of second base across the street on my neighbor's lawn. And I'm gonna join them.

Whaddya know? I cheered myself up.


Ciao, bella.

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jckandy said...

I also forgot to mention that my iPod is now gold. That's a great thing!