Events Past and Yet To Come

So, the first past event would be my provincials. I played with another team. The reason why is because on my team, there were twelve girls picked to go to provincials, and I was fourteenth. So, the remaining six of us joined up with four other girls and voila, we had a new team.

But...we kinda sucked.

We lost every game. All three of them. The weather was miserable and rainy. One of the games was 16-0. Ouch.

But there were good parts, too. I was fourth in the batting lineup--that's the cleanup hitter, and that's the best place to be. Statistically, I hit the best on the team. But one of my friends, Beth, hit a double AND a triple. But then she just struck out the rest of the time. I got lame hits, but I usually made it to first. I sliced up my left leg sliding, too. The fun.

Also, I had a great time. Even though we suck, everyone's really friendly and we all had a good time. And finally, the Tisdale sign, where provincials were played, was hilarious.

Yes, this is the sign. "Land of Rape and Honey." Isn't that welcoming?

There is truth behind it, I learned. "Rape" is an old word for canola or something. One of the coaches told me that when I announced the motto for the town.

Plus, my sister's Squirt team won provincials. I was a Squirt last year, and we won. That makes Bill, the coach, a two-time provincial winner. According to my dad, that's like, legendary. After the game, I went up to him and said, "Two years in a row, eh? Getting old yet?"

He gasped. "What? Uh, yeah, no...wait! It never gets old!"

I love making people stumble over their words. I smiled and walked away.

Anyways, we're finally at the cabin! Yesterday was really cold, howevah. I had to wear pants. Not shorts. PANTS. And yes, I still went swimming. Duh.

Today was better. Way better. My nineteen year old cousin Brittany came. It was warm enough to swim. We launched the Sea-Doo, Frank, and I got to drive it back home from the compound. We went tubing. And the weirdest of all, we met a chipmunk named Tina.

It was the strangest thing. Britt and I were sitting on the swing, drying off, when we heard something coming from under the deck. We craned our necks, and ta-da! There was a small, grayish form scooping out dry grass before disappearing back under the planks.

Britt suggested we feed her, so we went inside and got Fibre One cereal and peanut butter crackers and dill pickle Spitz. We littered them around the opening where the ground squirrel came out. A few minutes later she ran on to the deck. The first thing we noticed that she was really fat. Second was that she is not very shy.

We tossed her peanut butter crackers, and she DEVOURED them. I swear, we were sitting a meter away from a wild animal as she munched away. After a while, Brittany fetched a spoon of peanut butter, which she cleaned. In the end, she ate seven mini crackers and a spoon of peanut butter. I even caught it on video! But I'll give you a picture instead.

Here's a lovely story. When we arrived here, we found that there was a birds' nest built on our deck, right onto our window. After conferring, we got somebody to move it to an old covered well we have beneath our stairs. With heavy hearts, we watched as the frantic parents swooped in circles all day looking for their babies. We were sure they were going to die. Then, da-da-da-DAAA...they found their children!! Now they don't dive-bomb us when we walk onto our deck. They feed their children, stuffing worms into their gaping mouths. It's so cute! And yes, I got pictures.
PS-I know the spacing is weird in this post, but Blogger is weird.

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