My brother Landon's baseball provinicals are coming to a close. They may have a chance of going into the finals!
My family and I are camping right now, and today I have volleyball camp! You're free to sign in from eleven thirty to twelve-forty-five, which is when the camp begins. I'm really excited to be going, but kinda nervous too. I mean, it's highly likely that everyone else will be fanatical skinny people that jog in the morning and can do the six-minute run without dying. I am none of the above. Plus, I'll be the only cripple there. But my volleyball knee pads will probably slide right over my braces, hiding the horror of my deformity. Ha ha, I sound like Le Fantome de la Opera. Who is awesome.
But who knows? I could have a blast. *snork* VolleyBLAST, get it? Har-dee-har-har. I mean, during the school year during volleyball I was, modestly, one of the best players on the team. During practices I would run and cheer and work like no one's business, but I wouldn't even feel my tiredness until we had to leave. Practices were always too short. And I've got a mean spike.
This going to be a cool new experience! Whee!!
P.S. Off topic, but I'm learning how to play guitar. I'm using my brother's guitar and book, and I'm just teaching myself. It's easier than I thought, though my fingers are practically bleeding when I'm done.

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