~Heat Wave~

I love those swirly things. ~~~~~~~~~~
What are they?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Who cares?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Okay, they're getting old now.
Oh, really, Jc, grow up.
God, Jc, get a life outside of swirly things! I'm sick of them and I simply will not put up with them!

Gracious, I'm rude. But anyways, it's SOOOOOO hot out today. Killer muggy humid, blankety compressing damp constricting hot. I hate weather like this, because I'm not at the lake!
On a random note, July fifth was the year's anniversary for my blog. :)~~
Ew, my happy face has a beard.
Last year at this time, I was going stir crazy at the lake, not exiled to the coolness of the basement packing. Rawr.

My two fish, Christine and Coraline, have been alive for so long. I'm so proud of them. But guess what? They have to die! My mother suggested I put them in my aunt's pond. I've always liked ponds with fish, but the water is green and opaque, and all of her fish died. Maybe, since they were my fish, they are so tough and hardy they'll survive the pond. But I doubt it.


Dibsy said...


~ need love too! lol xD

jckandy said...

Huzzah! My fish didn't have to die! My bro's BFF is babysitting them. Yay~!~

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think the swirly thigs were created for the amusement of IM-ing people and those who are bored with regular computer keys.
Most likely.
Hope your fish don't die! Save them!

Lexi said...

I used to have a goldfish. His name was Mitsubishi.

Then we went on vacation and left him in the house BY HIMSELF with like this weird slow dissolving calcium thingy. When we came back he had this bizarre skin condition and then he died.

I'm sure Christine and Coraline Fishy will be okay.