Midsummer Haze

Blogging life has been slow lately, and I haven't had any action on my Comments page. I thought you cared!! Wah!!

But then again, I can't complain too much. Because I've barely been online, either. My excuse? I don't have Wireless for my laptop up at the cabin. To check my blog, I would have to a) give up watersports time to sit inside, b) fight my way through the lineup to actually reach the computer (I have a big family), c) Wait for 3.5 hours while Google loads up or d) all of the above.

Good news? Miriam's Isle is going awesome! I really have it going along nicely! I have 136 pages AND COUNTING!! I'm really really eager to finally write THE END and to upload it to Lulu and have it bound and published. But I know it won't really happen that fast. Hopefully, the first draft (or "exploratory draft", as Laini Taylor puts it) can be complete by the time school starts. After that, I'm torn. I might want to immediately dive right back into it, adding and subtracting scenes, developing the plot lines a little more, making it perfect. I also might want to just shove it in a drawer for a month and come back later. Perhaps I could do a combination: the burning desire for the finished product might be gone, but I could idly skim through it and ask people's opinions. Give myself a little time off. That would be nice.

Man, I'm excited for school. Jeez. I shouldn't be. But I am! I'm going to high school! It's exciting!

We just had a lot of company up here. One of my cousin's friends, Neva, was also a part of it. I like her. She has a wicked camera, with one of those 2000 dollar telescope lenses or something. The other family visiting, some family friends, also have a photographer daughter, Meghan. We went on a nature walk and she showed me some of her pictures. They were awesome. She has a really good eye.

This inspired me so much I took a bazillion pictures on a solitary walk by myself and also on a boat trip up the creek. I picked and sorted and found about five that turned out nice. I like to edit them on Picasa, making them more interesting. I would LOVE to show em' to you, but THEY'RE ON MY COMPUTER, not the slow family computer. I hate this computer. I hate the crappy moniter and the clacky keyboard.

Oh well. I also decided I want to attempt to find a vintage wardrobe. I did a lot of research on my laptop (there's a tech guy up here that let's us borrow his wireless but he's not here) and I love it. It's so unique. And cheap, if you dig for stuff and thrift stores. I plan on doing that. I mean, at Value Village you can get a lot of stuff for 75 bucks. At another store, you could get a pair of jeans and some socks for the same price.

So, when I figure out how to use an old-fashioned cable to hook up my computer to the 'net, I'll show ya'll my beautiful pictures. It could be later today, actually. I've never made two posts in one day before. That would be interesting.

Bye, all, as I leave you groping for clarity in the midsummer haze.


Lexi said...

Yay vintage clothing! I can wear a lot of vintage things because I am so short. I like going to vintage clothing stores. yay.

i'm kinda feeling like a robot right now-- sorry!

I stole my dad's nice camera because he never used it. So now i am the photographer in the family.

Anonymous said...

Vintage clothing is the shizz. I love buying nice, new clothes, but I also love Value Village and used clothing stores cause I like things that have gone out of style. :) And for all I know, the pink flowery t-shirts I buy could have been owned by Orlando Bloom.
On another note, I'm so happy that you've found your writing flow! I was so excited when I saw you had a Miriams Isle blog! Can't wait to start reading it, and when your published I'll be first to buy it...well, probably not, but I WILL buy it.
High School is exciting. I'm starting this year, too...which I find odd as I'm a year older than you.

jckandy said...

GASP! It's been too long since I've had comments! Hardee har.

Anyhow, Lexi, congratulations with being a robotic photographer. I am sure that would promote some entertaining results.

And Jehsyka, I will let you know when Miriam's Isle is up for buyment. :0 But only if I can get your books. I love your writing.

And my town is kind of weird. We have two schools: Elementary is K-7, and high school is 8 and up. I personally find it a tad strange, but oh well. High school should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

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