Lesson Learned

Second day of High School. We actually did a little work, which I enjoyed. Too much, I think. A page of French notes was a little too thrilling. I need to expand my social network.

We have a class called Arts Ed, with my homeroom teacher Mrs. B. Our first project is decorating our portfolios, which is a fancy name for a big piece of paper folded in half and stapled in place. Mrs. B says she wants us to decorate it in a way that lets her know us, because obviously eighth grade is all about being buddies. Most people are slapping down things like DC logos and plates of spaghetti. I was struck with the brilliant artistic idea of making a swoopy thing, dividing it in half, and on one side putting old-fashioned stuff I like and the twenty-first century reflection on the other. For example, in the top left corner is a lovely envelope with a wax seal. In the top right corner is the two little MSN people.

I signed up for Cross Country running. I cannot run. I shall die.

I'm reading "The Book Thief" by Markus someone-or-other. I can't remember. I must say, it's weird, and I don't understand it. Have any of you read it? Does it get better?

My lesson learned today: don't take out your contacts after polishing your flute. The pre-silver-polished cloth will haunt your fingertips and burn your eyeballs out. Don't do it.


Tati said...

I'm sorry about your contacts haha
ill make sure never to do that if i get contacts
As for the book theif it is a really good book...even better you should read the hunger games! Such an AMAZING book!
Anyway thanks for the lovely comment!
And to answer your question I get most of my vintage stuff from thrifts shops. Lots of people get the wrong idea that thrift shops are gross (dont get me wrong some stuff can be) but it really depends what you are looking for. I never shop at american apparel by the way because they are so over priced! A white T-shirt for $30 NOWAY! I am a bargain shopper =] As for threading a machine, it's very simple once you learn how. It depends what machine you have but they are basically all the same. If you lost the manual for your machine you can probably google it.
Good luck! And thanks again for the comments!

Anonymous said...

I love old-fashioned things, too, and your portfolio idea is really creative. Maybe you could post a picture of the portfolio?

Oh my Buddha! 0.0
You play flute? I play flute! How magical is that?

Anyway, good luck with liiife.
Grade eight for me was the best year of school ever, so have fun with it and don't get to caught up with your work. My first day of grade nine is the 8th. So close. ):

Lexi said...

Me 'n Jehsyka start on the same day! Ninth grade. Eighth was fine, but i had religion class and we learned about bloody church wars, etc. It was scarring.

BOOK THIEF!!! YAYAY! I love that book, I actually wrote a kind of long post about it a few months ago. In may? hm.

I'm doing cross country next year, b/c I needed to learn how to run this year. I'm working on it, hehe.

I wish I was taking art, I'm in the orchestra instead. Viola!

jckandy said...

Thank YOU for responding! I don't really think thrift shops are that bad. I mean, they wash it all, and they don't put up for sale a bunch of moldy stuff. I really wanna hit a few bargains, because I love bargains! I will try and figure out my sewing machine, too.
Jehyska--yay for flute! I like playing Phantom of the Opera songs. I'm in Band again this year, because we have our old band instructor back. He's awesome. When I finish, I'll try to post a picture of my portfolio.
Lexi--I think I do remember your Book Thief post!! I thought I remembered it from somewhere, but I wasn't positive. Was that the one with the science class thing? It was great. Good luck with Cross Country. Eeg!