Busy, Busy, Buzzlebee

That's what I am. A busy, busy, buzzlebee.You know, like bumble. Minus the mb. Plus zz.

A variety of extra-curriculur activities are clashing currently:

  • Volleyball
  • Dance
  • SRC
  • Junior Drama
  • Schoolwork

Well, I guess that school isn't extracurriculur. But it is an activity.

I'm a Member At Large on the SRC, which is like SRC except you have less responsibilities. Sometimes. Depends on the M.A.L. Anyways, today, I went to school at eight thirty, and forgot my volleyball jersey. I had French, which I am not, and Social, which is a horrible eighth-grade curriculum, and Art, where I was able to chill. A little. Plus, I bought a Diet Pepsi with my friend at ten minute-break. Diet Pepsi makes life a little fizzier and fresh.

During lunch, I ate food and drank Pepsi while struggling with my lines during drama rehearsal. We were reviewing the end, and I do NOT know those lines. Not very well. I have a lot of lines. I'm like, one of the main characters. I like Junior Drama, do not get me wrong, but it is getting intense, because we're performing on Tuesday and we all suck. Somewhat.

After lunch, math dragged on with a substitute teacher (who's a nice teacher and everything, it's just, well, math. Pythagorean theorisms, anyone?) and then ELA, where we did an artistic project that was glorious. I'm rather proud of mine. I will post it up here, when I'm done, maybe. Finally, the bell rang. Most people got to trek home, jolly and free. I had to scramble back home and search for my volleyball jersey (my daddy, a high school teacher, took pity on me and gave me a ride, though) and scramble back. Then we warmed up for volleyball before the other team came, except we had two teams coming and we were seperated into groups, and I didn't actually play until, like, five thirty.

And then, of course, enter dance. Our tap dance was moved up to five o'clock. A sweet, bouncy eighties-ish song called "Mm Bop" or something, it's pretty fun. I had to leave ten minutes early to jog back to the high school and slide into my knee pads and play the end of a volleyball set. Nothing worth noting happened.

I went home. I ate. I sat on my butt. It was awesome.

I did my papers, which was not. Except I had my iPod. So that brightened the wet, dark streets considerably. But now, I'm feeling really sick and crabby and tired and crabby and tired and I have homework AND a health test to study for. When I really want to go curl up and die. Or at least down some Gravol and sleep for ten hours. But I can't. I would love to be sick and sleep all day tomorrow, but I can't.

I can't get sick now. I can't get sick till Wednesday. I have to go to school and get through my test and two band classes and get my costume together and go to a Volleyball tournament on Saturday and come back early for a two-hour drama rehearsal and then go to two more drama practices on Sunday, then do a complete dress rehearsal on Monday after school (I also have an SRC meeting AND vball practice after school) and then do three performances on Tuesday and go home and THEN I can get sick.

I really don't have time for blogging at all. But I wanted to.

Strangely, although I've never been this busy in my life, I am enjoying it. I am deeply enjoying high school life.

Ciao, bella.

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Dibsy said...

Cool, I'm in Journalism, Guitar, Podcasting, ABCD (Drug Prevention thingamabob) and Spelling Bee. :] And maybe some others that I've forgotten about. >.>