I'm a "Member at Large" on the SRC this year, and we're following the tradition of last year's Haunted House. Last year, they set up the gym divided into different sections and took the high school and elementary school classes through it. There were mixed reactions. There were fifth-graders who chuckled, tenth-graders who left halfway through, and eleventh-graders who ran up to the zombies, shouting, "Wanna be homies?"

I was a zombie, by the way. Even though I was in Elementary school last year, the executive SRC members (I was secretary) were needed to be actors. Last years' setup was a 'haunted school'. There was a cafeteria where someone fell into the meat grinder, a science lab where a body followed you with bloody neck wounds, a classroom with bodies littered around, etc, etc. I was a zombie, so I was in a coffin on the football field. The players that never went home. It was lit with an eerie greenish light, and the teachers were explaining the history of the field to the kids. Us zombies would slowly rise from our coffins and limp over. The class was then shepherded into these doors and led out through the boiler room, which is creepy by itself, but there were hidden people in the dark. The rest of the time, I played solitaire on my iPod. I had a whole stash of stuff in my coffin. It was grand.

This year, we were going for a haunted town. I don't wanna give too much away, in case someone from my school finds it and blabs, but I get to write the background story! You know, the plotline, history sort of thing. It was really interesting. We have another meeting today. I'm really excited about it. Since I'm just a freshie, I'll probably be cast in a 'lame' roll, since the older kids generally take the good ones, but I'm hoping since I'm in drama I might have some lines or something. Truthfully, in voting, I was rooting for an abandoned circus, since clowns frighten me, and so does circus music, but this is great.

Mwa ha ha ha ha.

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