Volleyball Tourney

So. I am in the library of my school, blogging on a Saturday. My head is buzzing from the cross-court noise of the gym.

So. My team sucks. We lost every game. And every set. Except for one set, I think. I did okay. Our coach is great. Shelby R makes us laugh. She graduated last year, and found her old locker, which is one of my BFF's, Kensey's, locker this year. It has some pervotical graffitti. So charming.

A diet Pepsi would be extremely lovely right now.


Lexi said...

um... DIET pepsi!? anything with DIET in front of it means doom!


And as long as you had fun and got some exercise, it doesn't matter if you did really well.

jckandy said...

A great time? Oh, we did. :)

Sofi said...

My locker last year had sooooooo much grafiti in it! ( and by the end of the year it had a little more, heh heh)
anyway I did water polo last year and we lost 5/6 games but it was sooooooooooooo fun :) life goes on :)