Busy, busy me.

I have a busy life. I really do.


  1. School. I've been actually doing my homework and studying for tests. I'm almost a model student. *snert*
  2. Band. My lunchtime band, the traditional one with flutes (me) and trumpets and stuff is lovely. Garage band, the modern one with guitars and vocalists and keyboard (me) is going awesome. Plus, I'm getting lots of good tunes for my hungry iPod.
  3. Figure skating. Sort of. I'm not a naturally athletic person, but I landed my flip! My flip is sad and jerky and pathetic, but I can land it now!
  4. Dance. Not that I actually enjoy dance, but my teacher informed me that even though I quit a required ballet exam class, I can still perform a musical theatre duet with my friend, Aaleah!! I'm so excited. It's, like, Bob and Mackenzie something. We're gonna be two drunk men singing! I can't wait!
  5. SRC. I'm just a Member at Large, but it's fun. I really want to be president someday. I was secretary in elementary school, which I also enjoyed. One of those would be lovely. Our newest endeavor is that we are putting on a turkey dinner, then Santa pictures, and then a hypnotist! It'll be fun. It also means I have to drag myself to school at SIX THIRTY am to wash the turkeys and pop them in the oven on Monday. GLORIOUS.


  1. Miriam's Isle. I haven't even cracked the document in weeks. OOPS. It has become a Christmas project.

Merry Christmas, and stuff. We only have two more days of school before the holidays! I only have one more test!

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