I slept in (later than usual) this morning. Was it because I went to bed at one o'clock? Uh...not necessarily. It was because of this.

In Saskatchewan, Canada, guess what it does? Yep. Snows. There's a huge snowstorm all weekend. It's awesome! There are times that I hate winter, and cold, but I love blizzards. They're just so cool. (Pardon the pun.) My window in my bedroom was completely packed with snow.

It was kind of dark.

A weekend activity of mine has included, thus far:

  1. Watching the "Canada for Haiti" telethon. My family is going to contribute some money. That's just awful, what has happened. However, I really liked the way they had people perform at the show: acoustic, pure. A guitar with a microphone, a piano. Plain voices. It was very effective.

  2. Working the food booth at Carson's hockey game. I like working the booth. I'm pretty much professional by now.

  3. Watching an old Disney movie for no reason at all. (Atlantis). It was grand.

  4. Playing too much of the Sims 3 and frustrated because it still is not working correctly.

  5. Making rainbow cookies and sledding with my friend Aaleah. We made rainbow cookies last weekend, too. We used different colors this time. At my house, they were blue, purple, and an odd shade that was either green or yellow. We also chilled the dough in a wrong size pan, so the cookies were all deformed. At Aaleah's, we were more professional. We made pink, green, and blue cookies, in the right size of pan. Except Aaleah had problems cutting them, and then I baked a batch for too long and they're too crunchy.

  6. Reading The Lovely Bones. Interesting but weird.

  7. Finding this picture!

Oh, yes. A double-decker homemade Oreo I made at Christmas.


Lexi said...

OH, SNOW!!! HOw i long for snoooow!

it rained so much here yesterday, and i was like, "if only it was 20 degrees colder... darn."

oh well, have a lovely week!

jckandy said...

UUUURGH. Lexi, you can HAVE the snow. I really am tired of it. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Hullo jckandy.

This is Jehsyka, the girl who vanished, but has returned.

Not really, though. I probably won't ever make another blog. My life is too vastly uninteresting and unworthy to record online.

Anyway, school exams are going. Everyone in my school pretty much has an exam today except me cause my fourth period class doesnt have an exam. But I came to school anyway cause Im corrupted.

See? See how boring my life is? Who would want to read about this? There's not excitement. I dont go around making utterly fascinating oreo concoctions like you.

I made cookies. They tasted like rubber.

jckandy said...


And your life doesn't need to be interesting to be recorded. I mean, I make a post like, every other month.

But I respect your decision about no more blogging. I'm just glad you're somewhere in the universe. Chuckle chuckle.

Good luck with exams. They are not fun to write.

Anyways, even though you're not blogging anymore, I would still appreciate the occasional comment. Thanks for leaving this one!!